Historical Romance

Iowa State University and the surrounding community of Ames, Iowa were voted amongst the top ten best places to live in the country by MONEY magazine.  The magazine went on to say that there is a “welcoming vibe” in the community, which I can now attest to after my stay with the Alpha Epsilon chapter.  I was greeted with open arms by each and every member to the “castle,” their elegant and historic chapter house.

Myself with the ladies of Alpha Epsilon
Alpha Epsilon chapter house

Another historical landmark that set this campus apart is their campanile.  Iowa State’s bell tower, built in 1898, houses the Stanton Memorial Carillon.  Located in center campus, the campanile is rumored to be where a student becomes a true “Iowa Stater.”  At midnight when the carillon bells ring, couples meet at the campanile to share a kiss in the moonlight.  The “Iowa Staters” have dubbed this late-night custom as campaniling.

Iowa State Campanile
Close-up Campanile

Standing under this campanile, I can’t help but think about the generations of Sigma Kappa women that have stood under this extraordinary bell tower to share a memorable moment with their college sweetheart.


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