If you really knew me…

“Gotta tell ‘em that we love them while we’ve got the chance to say;

Gotta live like we’re dying.”

–          Kris Allen, Live like we’re Dying

If you really knew me you would know that I believe in hard work.  I believe in taking advantage of every moment of every day because life is too short to be wasted.  Most importantly, I believe in singing, dancing, laughing, and loving those around you.  After my visit to Western Kentucky University, I learned that the ladies of Epsilon Zeta believe in those things as well.

Upon arriving at WKU, I was warmly greeted by the chapter president and one of the many dedicated alumnae of the chapter.  The next day we began the first day of recruitment practice.

* Sing *

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the chapter already knew their recruitment rotations and the words to their songs!  The chapter sang Lady Gaga songs with Sigma Kappa lyrics which made me feel like I was at a real concert.  During Preference practice, the perfection of the singers’ voices while singing “Realize” gave me chills.

* Dance *

As with all chapters, pre recruitment practice days kept the women very busy in order to be properly prepared!  The chapter members were definitely ready to pump one another up during the times when we all needed an extra burst of motivation.  “Awww… yeah!” they would all say in unison as the music began.  Pretty soon the entire chapter was strolling around the room.  Now they were ready to keep on going!

*Laugh *

Something unique about Epsilon Zeta was that no day went without laughter!  The VPM used her humor as an asset to keep the chapter in a positive place during the recruitment weeks. I am a firm believer in the idea that we all possess a small piece of child within us, no matter how old we are in years.  I was happy to be reminded of this child in each of us through our laughter every day.

* Love *

In the beginning of my visit, I knew that the chapter members got along well because they always seemed to be able to make even the longest days a great deal of fun.  When they began thinking more about Preference I was truly able to witness the love they shared for one another.  During our powerful conversations workshops, many of the chapter women were willing to be vulnerable with one another and engage in conversations which forced them to step outside of their comfort zone.  I was very grateful for their willingness to share with one another and to share with me.

I feel honored to have met the ladies of Epsilon Zeta and commend them for their commitment to trying to live out the values of Sigma Kappa.  They are blessed with a strong sisterhood and realize that one of the purposes of a sorority is to make women even better than they already are prior to Initiation.  These women understand what it means to take advantage of every opportunity life has to offer.  They understand what it means to live everyday as though it is your last.

Congrats, ladies, on a phenomenal recruitment!  I can’t wait to see you all again soon  🙂



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