It's more than just 4 years

Elizabeth Scott

Observing preference ceremonies is one of my favorite activities. On my recent visit to Zeta Pi, the Colorado School of Mines, I observed their preference ceremony to offer feedback. The chapter got to the part of the ceremony where they started the traveling poem “Thanks for Always Taking the Time”, which is very near and dear to my heart. For anyone who has ever interacted with me, you know that I am emotional. I was the girl who was always crying at preference, bid day, and pretty much any situation that arouses emotion all throughout my collegiate experience.

As I stood on the steps observing Zeta Pi’s preference, tear welled up in my eyes. Watching the women of Zeta Pi, I realized that these women felt the same connection to one another that I felt to the women I have met through Sigma Kappa. Being a consultant has opened my eyes to the vast connection that all Sigma Kappas share. Many of the women I work with and meet this year will be my good friends for the rest of my life. As I was always told, “Sigma Kappa is more than just 4 years” and I fully understand the meaning of this statement now.

My visit to Golden, CO, allowed me to meet some amazing alumnae and work with a phenomenal chapter! These women are so intelligent and put together and represent themselves so well on their campus. They, like everyone I have met thus far, welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home, even letting me hop into one of their bid day pictures. From their between event dance parties to the brownies we somehow ate every night, this group was so much fun! On bid day, tears (once again) welled up in my eyes as I watched the excitement on the members faces as they welcomed their new members to Sigma Kappa. This chapter taught me so much about sisterhood and being yourself and I could not be happier for their successful recruitment!



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