Climate Control

Kassy Pierson

Being a leadership consultant for the greatest sorority ever comes with a bit of baggage – 50 lbs. to be exact. While I was getting ready to pack for the upcoming semester, I found myself in a bind, staring at my suitcase and thinking, “How in the world do I pack appropriately for places like Miami and then New York in the winter?!”

Now, I’m here to say that I am no wuss when it comes to cold climates. The wonderful mitten state I like to call home, good ol’ Michigan, has loads of snow and cold weather to play in! I am a big fan of my Uggs, scarves, mittens, tall socks and long underwear (yep, I said it), but I could not possibly fit that all into my suitcase and show up in Miami…hmm. I decided to get creative, and sister friends, I am here to say it can be done and with one word: layers!

Who knew that my tank top style dress can be paired with a long sleeve shirt, scarf and tights? And that great skirt that doesn’t wrinkle in my oversized suitcase? Still got it! Just pairing it with tall boots, tights, a sweater and callin’ it a day. It’s like learning to love your old wardrobe in all new ways! Now if only the same concept could work for shoes…

I hope y’all enjoy everything that 2012 is about to bring, and I’m so blessed to be spending it with sisters from around the country! A big “whoop, whoop” to my gals at Lenior-Rhyne University (Alpha Epsilon chapter) for making quota during formal recruitment!! SO PROUD of y’all!

Keep that motivation strong ladies, and make 2012 Sigma Kappa’s best year yet!

<3 Kassy

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