A picture says a thousand words!

Tiffany Rozier

Hi there!

Well, the past month on the road has been a whirlwind! Formal recruitment has been in high gear and that means I’ve been in high gear too! 🙂 My chapter of initiation has formal recruitment in the fall, so this has been a great month seeing what goes into preparing for deferred recruitment! I could go on and on about the good times I’ve had so far, but instead I have some super fun photos to share with you!

Theta Sigma- University of Hartford… Open house- formal recruitment! Yearbook picture and their brag table!

Theta Upsilon- Bowling Green State University … After I had the wonderful opportunity to facilitate COA for an outstanding group of women… we went to play in the snow!


Gamma Omega- Wittenberg University… Open house and Skit Day! These ladies kicked butt in recruitment! 🙂


Delta Tau- University of Central Arkansas… BID DAY!

A New Sigma Kappa Holiday

Today is national Thank-an-Advisor Day. Yes, I made it up. I recently had the privilege of returning to Kappa Nu, Marquette University, for their formal recruitment. I spent time with several members of their advisory board including their recruitment supervisor […]

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