Other Duties As Assigned

Serving as a leadership consultant comes with many job responsibilities. These responsibilities are all outlined in our contract and seem quite logical for the position. The last line of our responsibilities is, ‘Other duties as assigned.’ Throughout the last semester and the beginning of this spring, many of the LCs have come to find out what ‘other duties’ means.

For example, recruitment season is a time when leadership consultants are prepared to help in any way possible, like ironing tablecloths for events. During my ironing, I was able to talk with chapter members about their fears and excitement regarding recruitment. So in the midst of low-key burning my hand with my poor ironing skills, I was able to relate to the chapter members because I was also nervous before recruitment each year as a collegian.

Side note: one pro tip for ironing tablecloths is to iron them on the table on which they will lay because you will be able to identify priority areas to cover. I have attempted ironing on carpeted floors and/or against a flat wall. In the moment, every possibility is tried in order to save time.

Additionally, one of my favorite things that I have done for three separate recruitments was arranging flowers. Becoming a florist in the early morning hours was extremely fun. The ability to be creative is always an extra perk of the job.

In college, I participated as a camp counselor and I would like to think that those moments of acting as a team mom truly prepared me for this job. There are days when my Nissan Altima looks like a moving truck. At the end of a meeting, I will go around and collect the random items that were left behind by the chapter and they tend to be in my car for at least a week at a time.

Other than being a team mom, I have realized the role of being a life coach to the women in the chapter. The members desire someone to walk alongside them as they are choosing a major or an internship, etc. During training, we learned the difference between sympathy and empathy by watching and analyzing BrenĂ© Brown’s TEDTalk. I have attached it below because I believe that it shows the importance of being a listening ear to the chapter members in times of struggle.

All of the leadership consultants have had moments of attending to random duties and this post could go on forever. These have just been some of my favorite ‘other duties’ so far. We are one semester down, so I can only imagine what other duties will come to fruition during my last semester.

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