“Oh, are those Tieks?”

Did the bluaa2e soles give it away or something? It’s no surprise to anyone who sees me often, that I wear my Nude Patent Tieks quite regularly. A lot of collegians have asked me about my shoes this past year so I broke it down & answered all those questions. And nope, I’m not sponsored by Tieks in any way so you can expect honest feedback.

Are they comfortable?

They don’t move around or rub on my feet. Yes, they’re a bit snug & do leave red marks across my toes from time to time, but they have never caused any blisters. The back does not hurt my heel whatsoever – no matter how many hours I wear them. I swear it’s magic because never have I ever owned a pair of flats that did not hurt my achilles.

They’re made with a cushioned sole that makes it feel like the flat has some structure – none of that “feels like I’m walking on cardboard nonsense” I’ve dealt with in so many of my other flats. Even after a 16 hour travel day, my feet do not hurt.

Are they durable?

Yes! I walk in them A LOT – particularly around college campuses & through airports. After 10 months of taking them though every type of weather known to man, they show very minimal wear. They do currently have minor wear around the heel – it’s rubbed slightly from walking, but other than that they look as good as new. If the leather gets dirty I seriously take a Lysol wipe to it. The most impressive part about their durability is the soles. They are not worn down AT ALL & I can’t even tell you how many miles & miles I’ve walked in them.aa34

Are they worth the price?”

I get it – you’re a college student who struggles with the idea of spending $10 on a pizza let alone $200 on a pair of shoes. (And a flat no less!!) Tieks are expensive, but in my opinion, they are completely worth the money because they last so incredibly long. I got my first pair as a gift, but will absolutely spend the money for a second pair before too long.

Do you find yourself wearing them a lot?

What a perfectly versatile flat! I own one of Tiek’s neutral colors, Nude Patent, & they go with EVERYTHING – perfect for skirts, dresses, chinos & jeans. I most often wear them to work; great for business casual but they work for any occasion and season (besides the snow, of course).

Do they travel well?

These are my travel shoes. 90% of the time, they are on my feet no matter where I am headed, but if they aren’t you better believe they are in my carry-on. They fold in half so I can stuff them anywhere. Day to day, you’ll often find them tucked into the side compartment of my work bag because they’re light & not bulky.

What size should I buy?

It’s true, you can only order these shoes online. Does that give anyone else anxiety? Me too. Every blog I read said to order a size down if you wear a half size, so I did. I’m a true 8.5 & I got an 8, let’s just say that I’m glad I have narrow feet. I like my shoes to fit a little snug anyways but if you have normal to wide feet, I say to order up. I heard they have wonderful customer service & will gladly re-send you a different size if the ones you got do not fit.


Whether I’m two-stepping in Oklahoma, flying across the country to California, spending time in the mountains of Georgia & North Carolina, walking around Chicago or squeezing out every last day before boot season in Indiana, my Tieks have been a great addition to my wardrobe & literally have been all over the country.

Overall, I believe Tieks are a great investment….trendy, comfortable, travelable, and the perfect everyday flat.



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