NYC, I’m coming home!

Bianca D'Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College
Bianca D’Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College

As my year on the road is coming to an end, I am starting to get excited about returning to my home city and to no longer live out of a suitcase. Real life started happening real fast and it is exhilarating and terrifying all at once. I have landed myself a fabulous job and will be selling real estate in the Big Apple, so if you are moving to or relocating in NYC, say hello to the city’s newest real estate agent! I have been on the apartment hunt; which has given me a greater appreciation for budgeting and a savings account. I have been looking for new clubs to join to fill whatever little free time I will have. My list of what I am excited for could span the length of a football field so here are my top 5 things I am looking forward to doing in NYC before the end of summertime:

1. My Family. I feel like it has just been so long since I have actually seen my family because of study aboard, not coming home from school, then traveling this year, some quality family time is long over-due. Luckily, I have lots of family fun going on in the month of May. I am in the bridal party for my cousin’s wedding, my half-sister will be making her first holy Communion and both my brother and sister have gotten jobs in NYC so we will all be in the same place for the first time in a long, long time!11045010_10206487306766407_4575252791107684449_o

2. Food. Bagels, pizza, hot dogs, mozzarella, street nuts. Whatever it is, it’s better in NYC.

Pizza from Mezzaluna, Upper East Side
Pizza from Mezzaluna, Upper East Side


3. New Organizations. In particular, I have registered for Ride to Remember with the Alzheimer’s Association on April 26th. I have pledged to raise $500, so if you would to support me or if you will be in the area and would like to join my team, please do so here: I am looking forward to getting involved with the NYC Sigma Kappa Alumnae chapter! Yay alumnae involvement! I have registered for an info night with the NYC Junior League and am joining the NY Road Runners, so I can continue to work towards my goal of running a half-marathon in 2015.

Walk to End Alzheimer's, Boston 2013
Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Boston 2013

4. The Hamptons. With all of this excitement, I will surely need to escape the city heat and get a little pool-side downtime.

The Rose Hill Estate, Water Miill, NY
The Rose Hill Estate, Water Miill, NY

5. Central Park. While everyone else is rushing out of the city on summer weekends, I will be sure to head towards Central Park to get a little R&R with my book under a tree. There is something just so perfect about Central Park!

Feeling unstoppable with my new briefcase!
Feeling unstoppable with my new briefcase!

So whether you are in New York for a weekend, the whole summer, or are moving permanently, feel free to reach out! It is a beautiful place and a city that everyone should try to see at some point in their life!


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