To My New Sisters

sigma kappa

Dear new sisters,

Congratulations! This fall, more than 4,000 of you were initiated and assumed full membership in Sigma Kappa Sorority. You now wear our badge as your own. As I approach my seventh year of membership with our beloved sorority, I can confidently say you have made one of the best decisions of your life. Through my experience as a leadership consultant, I have been able to help initiate new members at chapters across the country.  Each experience is unique but reminds me of the beautiful bond we all share in Sigma Kappa.

sigma kappa

This season in your life will bring with it many new opportunities and challenges. As you navigate your university experience, I urge you to let the values of Sigma Kappa shape who you are and the future you desire. Sigma Kappa exists to develop you into a strong woman of character and conviction. Invest in this privilege. Lean on your sisters in good times and bad, learning what it means to find deep and lasting friendship. Grow to better understand our philanthropic initiatives and the impact we are making globally. Seek out scholarship and leadership opportunities, as these are the ones that will help you better discover who you are now and who you want to be.

sigma kappa

As a member of Sigma Kappa, you are now given the opportunity and great responsibility to uphold the legacy of our five brave founders. Although it may not seem like it at this time, the future and success of our sorority will come to depend on you. You are following in the footsteps of thousands of bold women before you. The choices you make each day reflect who we are as an organization. Share your time, passion and unique gifts with Sigma Kappa. With them, we are all stronger.

sigma kappa

Finally, my sisters, I encourage you to enjoy every second. I hope Sigma Kappa will bring you immeasurable joy, valuable relationships and memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Loyally in Sigma Kappa,


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