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Cora Johnson - Kappa Phi Chapter, Florida Atlantic University
Cora Johnson – Kappa Phi Chapter, Florida Atlantic University

Most of the time I talk about all of the sisters I have, sorority sisters that is. I don’t have any biological sisters, unless you count the few female rabbits and poodle I had growing up. But, I do have a biological brother that I wouldn’t trade for any biological sisters. Especially because he is my twin brother, a.k.a. my actual other half.

Having a twin has been a very normal thing for him and I, but I continue to get a shocking response when I tell people I have, or am, a twin. People always think being a twin is so cool, and yes it is! Below are the top 5 reasons I love being a twin.

Top 5 awesome things about being a twin!

  1. I always have a fun fact.
    • “No, we’re not identical.”
    • BJ3
  2.  I am always reminded when my birthday is.
    • sometimes I forget when my birthday is, more like life gets pretty busy and I can’t even tell what day of the week it is. (Photo below – 1st birthday. I ate all the cake… nothing’s changed.)BJ4
  3. There’s always someone in the world that gets me.
    • Growing up no one else would catch lady bugs off of our garage, but he never fell short of helping me conquer my goal.BJ1
  4. I always had someone to play with, because he was/is stuck with me.
    • I loved playing horse with him, even though he continued to never let me win… and always rubbed it in my face.BJ2
  5. I always have someone who is my other half, who will always be my number one fan.
    • I’ll always have someone to support as well, and we’ll forever continue to ‘pretend’ to have that twin telepathy thing they talk about.BJ

Having a twin means I have someone who has changed my life and taught me how to be a better sister/friend/human. Being a twin is a pretty sweet deal because it’s different and cool. But having a best friend from day 1 and going through the same but very different life will forever be my favorite part.

Our birthday was this past week, hence the inspiration of this blog. Happy Birthday Brent, love your ‘younger’ sister.



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