My Life in Heels

Bianca D'Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College
Bianca D’Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College

Since I have been on the road everyone keeps asking me why I always wear heels. This got me thinking, do I really only ever wear heels? I realized that I could count the amount of times I haven’t worn heels on one hand, so I guess the answer is yes. Whether it be running through the airport, hiking up four flights of stairs with my luggage, climbing ladders to hang recruitment decorations, through the mud to pitch tents to fit a Bid Day theme or just hanging out in a chapter house leading a pre-recruitment workshop, I believe heels are always an appropriate choice. So I began to think about why I love each pair of shoes I am traveling with and what each pair says about me. With only 50 pounds of luggage to work with, I had to be very strategic when I packed over a month ago, and I am pretty proud of my choices.

  1. 1. Well as the LCs like to say, “Navy is the new black” and my navy shoes are fabulous. They are so versatile yet elegant and trendy.Navy
  2. You can never travel without black heels. This is my safe bet, they make me feel sophisticated and professional. These shoes are my preference night go-tos and pencil skirt appropriate for fraternity/sorority advisor
  3. I love my caramel shoes too, even though I do not wear them as often; they are perfect for any off-white dress or skirt. They are sleek and low heel with a strap-back so they are worn when I want to spice things up.10487246_10152491187382042_7406080407224447319_n
  4. Now I needed a pair that would make me feel a little fierce and this is why I had to bring along my yellow snakeskin heels. I love to wear these with my Kentucky Derby Vineyard Vines dress as well as with my signature purple dress.Yellow
  5. Last but certainly not least are my white heels. I love white pointy toe heels; there is just something about them that brings out the glow in someone. Obviously, these are perfect for ritual events but I also love wearing them with a colorful outfit and I want to bring out the white accent.White

I am a total  shoe gal and it has become a ritual that each night before I go to bed, when I lay out my outfit, I always plan what outfit would look best with the shoes that I am in the mood to wear the next day. These five pairs of heels match every outfit in my luggage and somehow I never get bored of them! Despite getting questioned, almost every day on why I wear heels, I will continue to wear them with pride because each one says something different about my mood for the day.

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