My Big Blue Piece of Home

Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

If I were to move somewhere and could only bring one thing, it would be my blue Le Creuset dutch oven. No stuffed animals or photo albums. Just my big blue pot.

Le Creusets are famous for being the go-to cookware for soups, stews and any kind of a one-pot wonder. Lucky for me, I won one of their famous dutch ovens on a blog. They usually run for about $275, so I was doing a major happy dance when I got the email. Over the past two years, I have spent lots of nights trying new recipes in it and developing a love for soups.


I write a food blog called Gourmet Gab where I create cooking videos, write food essays, and document my trial of new recipes. The big blue pot has made a few appearances like with this Ginger Butternut Squash Soup, this healthy and hearty Lentil and Kale soup, and the all-time classic, Chunky Chicken and Vegetable Soup. This week, I just tried minestrone for the first time and am happy I can add it to my repertoire.


My big blue pot is my little piece of home. It reminds me of the time my best friend borrowed it and completely burnt the entire bottom of the pan. The pot spent the next week soaking in soapy water, and I laugh every time I wash it myself. My big blue pot reminds me of when my dad makes his Ropa Vieja, a Cuban flank steak dish, in his identical red Le Creuset. It reminds me of the hilarious times I’ve driven with this pot  in the passenger seat of my car, breaking slowly and cradling it as if it were my child.

The last three apartments I’ve lived at, my big blue pot has been with me. I leave it sitting on the stove as decoration and also as a little reminder of home. With every move in the future, I hope the big blue pot finds its home on the stove as usual–waiting for more meals to be made and enjoyed.

What’s your one thing that is your little piece of home?


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