My Best Life.

It’s almost time to wrap up my 2nd semester as a Sigma Kappa LC. There are no words to explain how much I have grown up since 2015. These days challenge and push me. These days make me laugh harder and love stronger than I ever knew. These days make me call home frequently. These days make me miss births in the family, countless weddings, engagements of my best friends, deaths in the family and pull me away from my comfort. They pull me away from my twin sister. They push me away from relationships that last more than 4 days. I never could have imagined myself, relaxed as I am. There’s just something about the wheels landing in a new place, something about relying on someone other than me every day. There’s something in the way the mountains peak through the clouds in Colorado or the ocean crashes against the rocks in southern California or the sunset in Boca Raton, Florida that makes me forget my cornfields and Louisville Cardinal basketball. I cannot even count the amount of times I’ve lost my breath in the blue skies at 30,000 ft. or looked over and over at the pictures I took at Crater Lake, Oregon at how small I looked with the lake and mountains behind me.

Someone told me years ago “Livvy, if you say you can’t. You can’t- you’re exactly right” as I worked so hard to understand algebra in middle school, as I worked through years of terrible anxiety. It was on the other end of the phone when I went to my first sleepover and wanted to come home. The same words rang in my mind as I ran for president of my Sigma Kappa chapter, and when I struggled with living on my own in DC. I still hear them in my head as I face day-to-day challenges and triumphs as an LC.

This is where it begins- hearing it’s up to you. You make that choice.

My life has changed so drastically that every time I come home, I am transformed a little more. A little more is at my fingertips and a little more is clearer than when I left. I discover I am learning skills and having experiences that not a lot of people get to have. I am growing in different ways than the friends I leave behind at home. I am the most independent person I know. And with all of the change, one thing is consistent: I’ve learned I have everything inside of me to do what I need to do, whatever it is. I heard I could do it even when I didn’t believe I could. Not one ounce of me believed I could travel the country and be “okay” with it. There was no logical shortcut that would take me from a terrified high school student to where I am now, confident and passionate. Sometimes the only way out is through, and I will brave enough to keep pushing. I hope you are too!

With all of the things I miss out on, I am definitely gaining more. This wouldn’t have been the story if I believed “I couldn’t”.

This opportunity is one of the best I have had in my life and now I wonder how I will be content living in one spot a year from now.

Cheers to overcoming and believing you CAN.



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