Fitting Your Life into a Nissan Altima



The process of moving caused me to dig very deep to find the strategic thinker inside of myself, this is due to the fact that I am a very relational person. The challenge I faced was to fit all my clothes, shoes, storage containers and miscellaneous items into a Nissan Altima that has approximately 15.4 cubic feet of trunk space and a normal backseat. Fortunately, the apartment is already furnished for us so all we need to pack are the essentials. Throughout this post I am going to share a few tips and tricks to solve this problem.

What I realized was the most helpful was instead of using moving boxes, I decided to use duffle bags which are a lot easier to stack. If I’m being honest, I played Tetris for almost a week leading up to this process in order to mentally prepare myself. By using bags that are flexible, it opened up a lot of necessary room that would have been taken by empty box space.

Also, since I brought storage containers with me I recognized that filling them with any lose items was very necessary. Some storage containers had my teddy bear while others held my basketball shoes. Side note: the basketball shoes definitely made the move because who knows when you’re going to ball it up with a collegian.

The other important trick is admitting the appropriate clothing to pack, there is no need for my snow clothes due to the heat of Memphis. All my North Georgia mountain clothing will be residing in my parent’s basement for the time being.

One thing I learned while packing to study abroad in college was the rubber band trick. Which is when you roll the one hundred t-shirts we own, up with a rubber band in order to fit significantly more in a suitcase. This can be done with other clothing items as well, t-shirts are simply the easiest.

Another small thing to pay attention to is to make sure you’re not packing things that you can buy in the area you’re moving to. So there is no need to pack toiletry items, food or drinks. Every grocery store or local mall has the product or food that you’re most likely looking to buy. Quite frankly, living in a technology driven world has made moving a lot easier. With the challenge of moving everything I own to Memphis, I am grateful for the camera roll on my phone because it removes having to give up clothing items for bulky photo albums.

When I was going through the physical act of packing my car, I had to lay each item side by side on the driveway. This was helpful in visualizing what bag should go in the backseat versus which item should go in the trunk. After many attempts and about thirty minutes of using my Tetris skills, I finished the job! I would like to thank not only rubber bands, but also Nissan for this opportunity. Stayed tuned for more updates on if I actually used everything that I packed.


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