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2017 has begun and resolutions have been made! Some resolutions are still going strong but lets be honest, most ended a week go. That is why this year I decided to be creative with my new years resolutions!  Instead of writing a daunting to do list, I broke my new years resolutions into three categories. With inspiration from my friends at Pinterest and PopSugar, here are a list of ways to enhance your mind, body and spirit!


  • Start a journal:  Use it as a way to reflect or inspire!
  • Listen to podcasts on your daily commute: Several of my friends have recommended the series Serial
  • Read for 30 minutes a day: An easy solution is to sub out checking your phone before bed
  • Watch a TED talk: You never know what learning a new subject will spark in you
  • Stay informed on current events: My personal favorite way is to read the Skimm
    • To sign up for the Skimm, use this link: http://www.theskimm.com/?r=ebbed99d.
  • Unfriend toxic people: This will lead to a happier you and happier scrolling
  • Stop procrastinating: Tackle the most dreadful thing on your to do list first


  • Drink more water: I like to carry around a camel back or swell bottle 24/7
  • Make breakfast a priority: There are so many ways to eat toast now a days
  • Get more sleep: Seems impossible sometimes, but count your hours and get to bed early
  • Eat more fruits and veggies: Smoothies are your best friends
  • Stop ordering takeout: I am so guilty of this but cooking is a life skill you need to learn sometime!
  • Exercise 3X a week: Find something new you haven’t tried like kickboxing or cycling
  • Wake up and do yoga: Even a good stretch in the morning gives you a fresh start


  • Meditate: I love deep breathing and visualizing exercises
  • Volunteer for a cause you care about: Your community will thank you!
  • Read inspiring quotes: I added Momentum on my google chrome so a quote pops up on my laptop every day
  • Write letters to your friends and family: Even a cute card tells them you are thinking of them
  • Go on a road trip: Nothing helps your soul more than satisfying your wanderlust
  • Spend time with nature: I am a sucker for a good sunset. It is an easy and free way to enjoy the outdoors!
  • Unplug and unwind: A good tip is to avoid bringing your work into the bedroom
  • Smile more: Simple but important!

I challenge you to make 2017 the year of self care. I hope this motivates you to move forward in creating a better you!

Dove Love,


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