How to Make Every Visit Feel Like the First

A week before my first ever chapter visit I remember running around my house throwing everything I own into two suitcases. I had no idea what to pack or what to even expect at my first visit. After a full month of training at Sigma Kappa National Headquarters, I had the knowledge to help chapters and I was eager to meet women across the country. When I arrived at the Alpha Theta Chapter at the University of Louisville, I was so nervous and excited to learn more about this chapter. Every day I woke up early and was eager to start my day with these women. I wanted to completely give the women all of my knowledge and see how I could help their chapter grow.

I have now been to thirteen different chapters and I have helped with the extension at Austin Peay State University. I have been on more than 20 flights and have spent a lot of time in multiple airports. With all of the travel, it becomes a little easier to get in the “grove” of things and forget about how blessed you really are to travel. To help with this and to always stay eager and excited to go to the next chapter, I always pick the window seat. I made a promise to myself to always look out the window and stare into the clouds. A lot of us can easily forget about how blessed we are, but being on a plane quickly humbles me. I always think what all the people below me are doing. The world is a big place but each chapter visit reminds me that it can still feel small.

With every job, life can get a little frustrating – especially when you do the same thing every day. My advice is to always think about that first day when you started your job. You were eager, excited, nervous, and naïve and overall you most likely had a passion to make a difference. In life, you will get into a routine and forget about the little things, like looking out the window and staring into the clouds. Every time I get to a new chapter, I want to know the women’s stories and their backgrounds. I know it might sound corny, but it is very interesting to see that we all share the same values even though we are from different chapters in different states. The Sigma Kappa women I meet are the reason I wake up every morning exited and eager to start my day. I would be lying to you if you I told you every day was easy being so many miles away from my family and never having a bed that is mine. But even on my worst days, I still find the passion and excitement that I had on my very first flight to my very first chapter.


“I hope you still feel small when you stand by the ocean.”

-Lee Ann Womack, I Hope You Dance

“I hope you still feel small when you ride in an airplane.”

-Jenna Huff

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