Maintaining You in a Changing Environment

Life moves fast, things change often and it can be challenging to keep up! While some people thrive off of the change of pace, others find it harder to keep up. I tend to fall into the latter, as I enjoy routine, but I find myself more and more in situations where discipline is few and far between. Yet somehow, I’ve started to enjoy the constant change! It gives me something new to look forward to each day, mixing up the routines I often find myself sitting comfortably in. But to get to this point, I’ve found some tips and tricks along the way that help me to maintain my needs while adjusting to my changing environments.

We often find ourselves in changing environments more than we realize at this time of year. For instance, the transition from “vacation” or “summer” mode into working or school mode is a big adjustment. I find that this can often be a challenge, especially if you’re coming back from a relaxing beach vacation, for example, and have to jump immediately back into the business of daily life! Here are a few organizational strategies that I have used to help along the way…

  1. Give yourself closure on your vacation or time-off first… I find this to be important and something we often forget to do. We tend to jump quickly from one thing to the next, neglecting the chance to be intentional and present in the experience. To help with this, try to give yourself closure when you return from your dream vacation or transition from summer to school mode. This can be as simple as unpacking your suitcase and getting settled back in at home after time away before jumping back into work, errands or other elements of daily life. Doing so will already make you feel more settled, bringing closure to your trip because you have unpacked and begun the transition back into daily life. Or, it could be going through photos from the experience with a friend, highlighting the memories from the trip or vacation as a whole. Giving your brain time to process and reflect in this way allows for intentionality and presence in the experience. Then, it allows you to step away knowing you’ve reflected on that experience and you are ready for the next one to begin!
  2. Next, determine how you want to jump back in… The most important advice I can offer here is to find what works for you. If you are a to-do list person, then creating one is a great way to start to motivate yourself to check things off that list! On the other hand, maybe you work best alongside a friend to motivate you and are not a user of to-do lists. Find that friend who can motivate you! Set a time to sit down together, play some music that will get you into the working mindset, and dig into your work. Maybe you are an early morning riser, or the opposite, a night owl. In those first few days back, work in the time frame that is most conducive to your comfort and environment. Because you will be comfortable, it will make bridging that gap a little bit easier. Ultimately, figuring out what is going to make you motivated and hopefully eager to do your work is going to help ease that transition back into your working environment.

At the end of the day… you need to do what is best for you in these changing times! Maintaining what your needs are will help make that transition back into daily life easier each time it occurs.

In addition to those dreaded transitions from vacations to work or school, you may find yourself moving to a new place either permanently or for an extended period of time. This can be a huge transition and change in your life!

  1. Leverage what is available to adapt your personal lifestyle to your new home… Similarly to what I mentioned above, you need to leverage what is offered to you in your new environment! When you know what is available to you, it is easier to adapt accordingly. This means finding those places to grocery shop, go out to eat, exercise, volunteer, join a book club, and more. Knowing what you need and finding outlets for these things in your new home is key to easing that transition.
  2. Utilize your resources… We have so many resources available to us, whether it is using Google or an app to find new restaurants or to learn about the bike trails in your town, these are at our fingertips. Utilizing these resources helps to better understand how to leverage your needs with your new environment. Then, you want to figure out what drives the environment you are in and identify how that specifically aligns with your own needs and values! You will be better able to maintain your needs in a new, changing environment once this is accomplished.

At the end of the day… each of these tips and tricks that help ease transition in your environment boil down networking! Think about it… using your resources, leveraging what is offered to you in your environment to adapt accordingly, working with a friend for the motivation to get that to-do list accomplished, and even talking to someone else after your vacation comes to an end… networking. You are sharing what you are learning and what you need, but you are also giving yourself the opportunity to learn from someone else. As you leverage what is offered to you in your new home, meeting new people will be a huge part of that process. Use them as resources! Ask them about where you can find a new coffee shop to sit down and cross things off a to-do list in, or where you can join a biking club for your exercise and to meet new people! As you learn how you best handle changing environments… don’t be afraid to take that extra step to explore your new network and get to know what is there at your fingertips. Networking has the ability to make all of these elements come together, easing the transition and making you feel safe, comfortable, and right at home.

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