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Francesca Gomes
Francesca Gomes

Hi friends!

As a Disney lover, I always have Disney on my mind. While visiting the Upsilon chapter at Oregon State University for pre-recruitment and meeting the awesome VPM who is also a huge Disney fan, it became clear to me that two things that I love in life are so very similar – Disneyland and sorority recruitment. Just look at the similarities:

1. The Monorail

The Monorail is a renowned form of transportation for guests to use to get to Disneyland. In sorority recruitment, the Monorail is much like when potential new members line up in front of the chapter house or recruitment room before the very first recruitment event. The anticipation is building!

2. Main Street USA

Main Street USA is the first “land” of Disney that guests enter. It is similar to the first impression a potential new member has of Sigma Kappa. The buildings, atmosphere and cast members on Main Street USA are just like the entrance of the chapter, members’ happy smiles, and fashionable outfits.

3. Disney Characters

When hearing the word “Disney,” what do you think of first? Many are instantly reminded of their favorite characters from the most memorable childhood movies. In terms of recruitment, Disney characters are similar to the potential new members that Sigma Kappas look forward to meeting and connecting with. A trip to Disneyland would not be the same without chasing after Mickey Mouse to take photos and get his autograph. Recruitment would not be the same without meeting that potential new member that you would love to call your little sister.

4. Rides

Each ride at Disneyland is truly unique with a specific theme and feel. Similar to when first stepping onto Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean, a potential new member experiences a distinct feeling when first stepping foot in a Sigma Kappa chapter house or recruitment room. Each chapter is like a different ride, distinctive with its own lively atmosphere.

5. Food Vendors

To me, the food is one of the best parts of Disneyland. It is something I always look forward to. The food vendors that sell corn dogs, giant turkey legs, and churros represent the tempting late night food runs after long recruitment days. Just like Disney calories, recruitment calories do not count! 😉

6. Parades

The boisterous Disney parades are so well thought out and rehearsed. They are just like the Sigma Kappa cheers and chants that members practice until perfected. They add excitement to the recruitment process, just as parades add to the Disney magic.

7. Fantasmic and Fireworks

After a fulfilling day at Disneyland, the nighttime spectacular “Fantasmic” and the fireworks make their special appearances. These are shows that many guests plan into their schedules for an extraordinary ending to their already magical day. Preference round is similar to fireworks– the recruitment events build up throughout the week to this final event. It serves as something very special to our Sigma Kappa chapters and potential new members. It is the last hurrah before Bid Day.

8. Happy Every After

Everything at Disney always ends in a “Happy Ever After.” The “Happy Ever After” in recruitment is Bid Day, where Sigma Kappa chapters celebrate all of their hard work during recruitment. Bid Day is a time for new members to join our lifelong sisterhood in Sigma Kappa.

Have a magical day!


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