What better way to start out the new year than by learning about Sigma Kappa’s third value, loyalty?  So, let’s start out by describing what loyalty means and why it is important to Sigma Kappa.

Loyalty is being there for someone else or a group, no matter what.  It means showing constant and firm support for those you are deeply connected to.  It also means devotion.  It could be devotion to a person, a cause, the company you work for, a group you belong to, or even the country you are from.  One of my favorite definitions of loyalty comes from the quote, “Being loyal means staying committed to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.”  It is a powerful message.  This value means so much more than a simple commitment.  It entails honesty, virtue, friendship, respect, and determination.

So why is this value so important to Sigma Kappa?  Loyalty creates a bond between people that is not easily broken and stands in good times and in bad.  Sigma Kappa creates a similar bond within its sisterhood.  Not only are sisters loyal to one another in their respective chapters, but they are also loyal to their sisters spread across the nation and around the world.  As a consultant, I was interested to see how others have experienced and witnessed loyalty being shown in their Sigma Kappa journey.  This is what a few of my sisters said:

“Your sisters are your sisters even when things get stressful or times get tough. We may have disagreements, but I have never doubted the loyalty of my sisters.  Not everyone agrees on everything and sometimes there will be conflict, but that is when loyalty to one another is most important.”  – Lambda Iota

“I feel that loyalty has been a part of my Sigma Kappa experience in that the organization has always pushed me to be true to myself and continue to grow and learn from mistakes. To me, loyalty means we hold each other accountable to always trying to be better.” – Kappa Eta

“Being the president of an organization can be quite scary, but because of the loyalty I feel from my sisters, I have the confidence and the support I need to keep pushing myself and others to help make Sigma Kappa great.” – Lambda Iota

“I have loved seeing advisors and other alumnae volunteers continue to be involved in Sigma Kappa. It is a great reminder that this is a life-long commitment with continuous opportunities. The bonds we make while in Sigma Kappa are truly unbreakable.” – Theta Omicron

“Sigma Kappa is meant to challenge each of us and loyalty means sticking to our commitment and standing by each other when it’s difficult.” – Epsilon Mu

Being loyal to one another is key to building strong relationships, establishing trust, and creating lifelong friendships with your sisters. The loyalty we show to each other and to our sorority preserves these friendships no matter any disagreement or stressful scenario.  At the end of the day, we are sisters.

Kirtley Hall

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