Looking for Excellence

Although in theory, everyone wants to be exceptional, few actually take the steps needed to make this a reality. It is hard to choose to challenge yourself when an easier path is available, but no one can become exceptional by doing only the bare minimum.

Directing your thoughts toward future success is an important first step in becoming successful. As James Allen said, “All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts… As he thinks, so he is”. We must first decide on our own that we want to achieve greater things before this success will come to fruition. If you only have a vague inclination to do more, it is likely your conviction will fail as soon as an obstacle appears. However, if you decide you must and will succeed, your determination will push you through any number of hindrances. Thoughts become things, so deciding that you want to improve is half the battle.

Once you have come to the internal conviction that you want to become excellent, you then have to look for new opportunities to excel in. Good enough never is, so you should always be able to find areas that could use improvement. In all opportunities, it is important to ask yourself: How you could be doing more? If you are a student, could you be studying more? Have you visited your professors’ office hours lately? Or if you are working, have you volunteered to take on any special projects or additional duties?  Taking the initiative to do more will eventually lead to you achieving more!

As an LC with a lot of autonomy, it would be easy for me to do only what is absolutely expected of me from day to day. However, I would be extremely disappointed with myself if I allowed myself to only do what was convenient. I make it a priority to reevaluate where I am with my LC responsibilities every week to be able to refocus my attentions as needed so I am always able to accomplish as much as possible.

In short, always keep your thoughts focused on what you hope to achieve and you will likely be able to attain it. While hardships and inconveniences are unavoidable, if you are resilient and persevere, nothing will prevent you from reaching the success you dream of!

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