Living Sigma Kappa’s Values

Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University
Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University

Sigma Kappa was founded upon four values-friendship, service, loyalty and personal growth. I learned about these values in college and strove to live them as a Sigma Kappa member and officer. However, it wasn’t until I became a Leadership Consultant and began working for the national organization that I fully understood the values and was able to live each of them. Each of Sigma Kappa’s values are a significant part of the consultant experience.

Friendship: During my two years as an LC, I have developed 25 wonderful friendships with the other Sigma Kappa consultants (SKLCs). In the last two years, not only have I gained two sets of teammates, but countless valuable friends. The LCs come together having never met before and in just a couple of short months create an inseparable and indescribable bond with each other. I’ve been able to create relationships with the many collegians I’ve met on the road and residentially. There have been great networking opportunities with other fraternity and sorority consultants, headquarters staff, national volunteers and campus professionals. I have been able to experience firsthand the impact of the value of friendship.

Service: The value of service takes on a whole new meaning as a consultant. At chapter visits, we participate in service and philanthropic projects from nursing home bingos to numerous Walks to End Alzheimer’s. In bigger picture terms, I have given back to an organization that has given so much to me. I know I would not be the woman I am today without the experiences and opportunities Sigma Kappa has provided to me in the last 5 years. I’ve been able to serve Sigma Kappa in a unique way by helping collegiate women with their sorority experience and empowering them to serve Sigma Kappa through their own chapters.

Loyalty: We’ve been told Sigma Kappa isn’t for 4 years, it’s for a lifetime, which I have come to find as the absolute truth. Staying involved after your collegiate years shows true loyalty to an organization whether working at national headquarters, being a national volunteer, or advising a chapter. Working for national headquarters for these two years has demonstrated my loyalty on a whole different level as well as reaffirmed my dedication to the organization.

Personal Growth: This is my favorite value. This job has allowed me grow so much after college both personally and professionally. I’ve been exposed to new states, cities and college towns. I’ve traveled the country and experienced so many different subcultures of the United States as well as worked with many different types of people. I’ve developed countless professional skills that I know will continue to benefit me in my career. Most importantly, my self-confidence has increased in this role. I feel like I can take on and handle any situation because as a consultant you never know what you are going to encounter not only with chapter visits but traveling as well. I know I will continue to live this relatable and applicable value each day especially while I am still a consultant. I look forward to seeing how much more I grow as a person through the opportunities given to me by Sigma Kappa.

Being a Leadership Consultant has been one of the best, most impactful experiences of my life. I’ve seen so much of the country, made lifetime friendships,  visited new places, grown personally through encountered challenges, developed professional skills, impacted collegiate women and served an organization much bigger than myself. I never thought I’d truly live out the values of an organization I care so much about the way I have. Living Sigma Kappa’s values in college and through the LC position has helped shaped me into the Sigma Kappa woman I am today.

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