Let me see you do that Yoga

Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton
Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton

I think yoga has been one of the best, most rewarding activities for me. It not only helps with flexibility, it strengthens muscles, reduces stress, helps with concentration, and can help with posture. It can also be one intense workout. I have tried Bikram or hot yoga a few times, and that helps you sweat even more and increases blood flow. The practice room has elevated temperatures that can reach up to 104 degrees. I feel like anytime is the right time for yoga. You can do it at home, in a studio, at a park or even at the beach.

I love to follow yogis on Instagram too. I was just going through the explore section one day and stumbled across people doing acroyoga. It was something I had never known about but I was fascinated by it. Here are some acro poses along with a few classics.

Adho Mukha Svanasana-Downward dog


Savansana- Corpse pose


Suksasana- Easy pose

easy pose.jpg

Balasana- Child’s pose

Childs pose.jpg

Salamba Sirsasana- Supported handstand



Time to Jet,



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