LC Life: A Look Back

While most days of LC life are filled with challenge, every day has been full of fulfillment. Looking back, I could not be more grateful for the people I have met, the lessons I have learned, & the growth I have experienced. There are some memories that outshine the others though & I thought for my last blog post it was only appropriate to share the defining moments of my LC journey.


March 2015

THE call. I was home on Spring Break & was getting in the car as my phone rang. I had been waiting for this call for weeks & I ran back inside because I couldn’t answer it in my mom’s vicinity (what if it was bad news!?) Well when I walked out to tell my mom I got the job, she was standing there snapping photos because we needed to “remember the moment.” Embarrassing. And I definitely regret wearing this outfit…

June 2015

Meeting my LC team [read: family] for the first time & becoming besties in under 24 hours.

August 2015

Learning the value of AC after tabling in 99% humidity for 3 weeks straight. Also, learning that 56 bug bites at one time is just as itchy as you’d think.

October 2015

Heartbreak strikes. While we all live in la-la Sigma Kappa land most days, real life stuff happens to LCs  & we always turn to each other to help us get through it. Thankful for their support & patience. Just look at these strong, independent women!!

November 2015

Installing Lambda Epsilon alongside Cheri Dejong & Sara Chacon.


March 2016

WEARING IDA FULLER PIERCE’S RING ON MY VERY OWN FINGER. To be honest, it was just as important that my nails were done that day as it will be the day I get engaged.

March 2016

Calling a district volunteer & finding out she established my chapter back in 2006 was top 5 coolest moments of LC life. Enjoy this picture from my college days.

April 2016

Many lazy beach days in Charleston, SC & getting upset at the thought of moving away from the city that taught me how to be myself.

June 2016

Year 2 begins! Meeting my second team & instantly falling in love with them over ramen and Brics.

Eating Whattaburger for the first time. Fast food will never be the same.

July 2016

Spending the 4th of July in Chicago with ½ the LC team.

Living in the Violet Bubble that is convention and seeing Lambda Epsilon receive their charter.

August 2016

This hike. Every worst case scenario was flashing through my mind, but I was with collegians & I wanted to be cool. What you don’t see are the tears in my eyes because I am terrified of heights.

September 2016

College town lifestyle in full swing! LOVING my time in Bloomington, IN with the Tau women.

October 2016

Spending a fabulous two weeks in California with Epsilon Omega & also my biological sister.


March 2017

Tau’s Initiation day. Proud, proud LC. No photos though.

April 2017

Last chapter meeting as a LC. After spending approximately 100 hours in formal chapter these past 5 years, ritual hits deep.


Fielding a lot of “are you retiring from LC life” questions & internally crying every time. It’s a bittersweet time for all of the LCs as we prepare for the next journey in our lives.

It’s been a great two years!





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