The LC Application Process, In A Nutshell

Are you getting ready to graduate and wondering what’s next? You have probably attended career fairs, had internships, and searched for a multitude of jobs online. You may even be looking for masters programs that will be the right fit for you. But have you ever thought about applying to work for Sigma Kappa national headquarters as a leadership consultant?

Before you exit the screen and think this opportunity isn’t for you, take some time to think about what the women in this position actually do! Chances are you have seen them in action during your time in college and that may be the reason why you’re still reading this post, or maybe you’re just intrigued and you want to know some more about what the job entails.

Sigma Kappa leadership consultants, or “LCs” as you will often hear them referred to, are members of the national headquarters staff. In their jobs, they receive more than 100 hours of professional training in the areas of leadership development, communication, risk management, recruitment, programming, and finances, just to skim the surface. This position provides women with experience in project and budget management, travel, and mentorship opportunities that sets them up for success in the next step they take, whether that’s going back to school or applying for other jobs.

While every leadership consultant has the same title, there are a few variations in the types of LCs we have. There are traveling consultants, residential consultants, and extension consultants – but what does that mean?

Traveling consultants visit chapters all over the country and make a visit to at least one focused chapter per month. This means that they are heading to a different chapter and a new location about once a week!

Residential consultants live with a chapter during their first three years of establishing. These consultants live in the city where the chapter is located and work with them throughout the academic year.

Extension consultants work with the extension team to establish a new chapter on a campus and live with the chapter for the first term or year.

If any of those roles sound interesting to you, we encourage you to apply! Applications are due by December 1 and it’s best to start early. We put careful thought and consideration into each application, especially the narrative section. We know that not every applicant will have a robust “Sigma Kappa” resume, and that is OK. We value candidates with a breadth of experiences, especially when you can speak to how you grew from each.

Once we review the applications, we will begin to select applicants to participate in video interviews throughout December and January. You can prepare for a variety of questions, just like any other job interview, but remember that we want to you to be yourself. A huge part of the job is building rapport with your peers, so we want to see your personality shine through your answers. Following the video interviews, there are on-site interviews for selected applicants at national headquarters in February.

Once the 2018-2019 leadership consultant team has been hired, training will take place during the summer at national headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. The team will hit the road to start working with chapters around mid-August and will travel through the middle of November. There will be a winter break from November to January which allows the team some time at home for rest and relaxation. We hold a mid-year training in January to refresh and re-energize and then, when schools start up again, the team will be back on the road into late April. At the end of April, the team will once again meet up at national headquarters for a wrap-up session before heading home for the summer or their next adventure.

We hope that you will take a look at the LC application and think about spending some time doing a unique job that will benefit your personal and professional development.



The Collegiate Services Managers

Jordan Barnett & Erica Lagos

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