Keep Your Cool During Recruitment…

Recruitment is one of the most important times of the year! It’s very exciting, but it can be stressful. Here are some of my tricks on how to communicate for a successful recruitment…


“Sweet. Cool. Beautiful.”

Translation: If something goes wrong but you are making a decision to be upbeat and proceed with caution…


“I LOVE your ____”

Translation: Even though everyone literally looks the exact same, recruitment is a stressful time and they may have needed a pick me up more than you know.


“Be back at 2 p.m. sharp for events. I believe you can do it!”

Translation: Instead of threatening with punishment, start out with accountability in practice!


“That trashcan could look better with a burlap bow”

Translation: If you can’t find anything else to be productive with… the small things count!!! #LCthings




Translation: You may want to be somewhere else, but recruitment is your cardio right now and you’re breaking a sweat.


“I’m going to go walk outside, I will be back.”

Translation: You need a break/ you’re an introvert and all of this socializing is over stimulating.


“Wait, can you repeat that? I didn’t give you my full attention.”

Translation: You are running on 2 hours of sleep and a Lunchable.


“Anyone else’s throat hurt?”

Translation: You will need to mouth the words during the next round of chants.


Tis’ the season- HAPPY RECRUITING!



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