As The Page Turns: Jungleland

My sister Tavin at her initiation at the Xi chapter at The University of Kansas. I was fortunate enough to surprise her and my chapter – talk about parallel lives!


This month’s book is a true story of crime and a quest for the lost city! Grab your hiking boots and let’s jet set to Honduras.

Jungleland by Christopher S. Stewart

Adventure Biography – 2013, New York and Honduras

“Given the choice between seeking a lost city in the jungle and not, always pick the jungle” – Christopher S. Stewart

So here is the scoop: In 1940, Theodore Moore began his adventure for the white city in the Paris Hotel in Le Ceiba, Honduras; 70 years later, journalist Christopher S. Stewart sits in the Paris Hotel awaiting the same journey. With both stories playing out side by side; readers are able to watch Theodore Moore’s life unfold after finding the city and waiting to see if Christopher will follow in the same footsteps.

Thoughts: My goal with this blog is not only to challenge you all with reading, but challenge myself to break out of the same books I always read. With that being said; this book was so far out of my comfort zone that I was nervous to read it. Instead of hating it, I loved this book. It touches on adventure, history, love, and family, which helped keep me entertained and wanting more. While you might think that this is something that you wouldn’t pick up, you are wrong. This book has it all.

Fun Facts: Theodore Moore was actually a World War II spy who was sent to kill Hitler due to the skills he learned in the jungle and over his life.

Rating: 4.982/5

Where to find Jungleland: Amazon – Kindle $6.99; Paperback Used $2.02; Barnes & Noble – Paperback $11.56

Next month’s book: The Witches of New York by Ami McKay

What would be your adventure if you could plan one? Would you ever think about leaving your family behind, for the sake of knowledge and adventure?

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