Initiation is Timeless

Mary Margaret Gregory
Mary Margaret Gregory

Hello there-

Through the past week, I have had the privilege to attend two Initiations. One at the University of West Georgia for the Kappa Tau Chapter and the other at the University of New Orleans for the Epsilon Beta Chapter. It truly was an honor to be a part of both Initiations and watch new members become initiated members of Sigma Kappa Sorority. As I was watching both ceremonies, I was reminded of my Initiation and how exciting that moment was for me. Not only the ceremony, but the fact that I had four years of timeless memories and meaningful friendships ahead of me was even more exciting. Never did I imagine that this incredible journey would continue to guide me to where I am today.

Even though I was a collegiate member of my chapter only one year ago, I feel as though it has been longer because of the amount of personal growth I have experienced from the past year. I realized that Initiation is timeless in its message to not only new members but to alumnae as well. As a leadership consultant, I have not only made connections with collegians but with several alumnae too. Alumnae are incredibly important in the growth of Sigma Kappa and being able to interact with such prestigious alumnae has truly made a positive impact on my journey as an LC. As a collegian, I never fully understood why alumnae appreciated Initiation so much, but having the privilege to experience it twice in one week, I finally get it!

For me, watching young women take the next step in her journey as a Sigma Kappa is a wonderful feeling for me. Honestly, I have taken Initiation for granted in the past, but now seeing it from a different perspective, I appreciate it more than ever. I had the privilege of speaking to several alumnae before Initiation at the Epsilon Beta Chapter. We discussed how Ritual as a whole lays a solid foundation. The only issue stopping that is if the young woman does not fully accept or understand the guidance that can be given by Ritual. I, myself, am guilty of this and wish that I had accepted the possibilities of even more growth as a collegian.

So to all Sigma Kappa collegians, don’t be afraid to dig deeper into our Ritual while you have the chance. Ask questions and reach out to advisors or other Sigma Kappa alumnae who have been through the same ceremony as you. Appreciate your alumnae because they had a huge part in making Sigma Kappa what it is today! Understanding the true meaning of what our 5 founders created will make your experience in Sigma Kappa even more special. Be open to different opportunities through our values, Ritual and mission as Sigma Kappas because you may surprise yourself!

To all Sigma Kappa alumnae, thank you for making Sigma Kappa what it is today by not only making your own experiences but dedicating your time to help the future of the Sorority. Seeing Initiation from the other side has truly made me feel thankful for women like you and how incredible my journey as a leadership consultant has been because of you!

Even though I only have one, I thought I would share my one photo with you… 🙂

Epsilon Beta Chapter at the University of New Orleans and I at their Initiation. So exciting! :)
Epsilon Beta Chapter at the University of New Orleans and me at their Initiation. So exciting! 🙂

Until next time-

<3, Mary Margaret

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