How to Survive Arizona Tempe-tures

Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton
Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton

Being a southern California native, summer time is hands down my favorite “season.” Yes, I say season very lightly because in California the weather doesn’t change too much. A summer day is usually a high 80⁰ with a cool breeze. This was definitely not what I found on my first visit to Tempe, AZ. I was lucky enough to be in town for a day that is going down in history. On this sizzling day, temperatures hit a record-breaking high of 117⁰F! This beat the previous record of 113⁰F set on Aug. 14, 2012. I know exactly what you’re thinking, “How did you make it out alive?”

crop Record pic

Well, I learned a few essential tips to ensure you beat the heat and not let the heat beat you.

Tip #1– Take a shower in mildly warm or cold water. It will help you start off the day feeling refreshed!

Tip #2– Drink lots and lots of water. Now refill and drink MORE!

water pic

Tip #3– If you want to wear makeup and guarantee it’s still on in 20 minutes, a setting spray is a must.

              Urban Decay even has one for cooling and hydrating!

 setting spray

 Tip #4– Wear breathable shoes & light clothing. Won’t take long for sweat to start rolling down, EVERYWHERE!

Tip #5– Sunglasses not only serve as a protective agent but also add style and flair to any outfit.

Phoenix's Hottest Day
Phoenix’s Hottest Day

Tip #6– Try to eat fresh, water rich food like fruits and vegetables.

Tip #7– Enjoy a cool treat! Frozen yogurt, popsicle or delicious sorbet. Warning: Consume slowly. Likely to cause a brain freeze!   


I hope these tips help you survive when temperatures start rising. But if all else fails, find shelter inside and turn on the A/C!

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