How To: Not Miss Home

Hi everyone! My name is Brandi Reid and I am an initiate of the Gamma Tau Chapter at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. Not only did I attend college in the Lone Star State, but I was also born and raised there. Like many other Texans, I have an enormous amount of pride for my home state. All the pride and love I have for my home state makes being away just a little bit more difficult. Some of you may be experiencing a similar situation, whether you’ve just moved away from your home state for school, or maybe you’ve just started your first job. Whatever your reason for leaving home, sometimes it can be a little challenging. I’m here to help!


My first tip for not missing home is to think about what reminds you of home, and bring those items with you on your new adventure. For example, when I made the move to Mobile, Alabama, I was sure to pack pictures of loved ones, some of my favorite t-shirts, and the blanket that I always have laying on my bed. If I’m ever feeling homesick, I just throw on a t-shirt or cuddle up under my blanket and I’m instantly reminded of home.

One of my favorite ways to be instantly reminded of home is food. I LOVE a good home cooked meal, so I asked my mom to make me a cookbook made up of recipes that she would often make at home. Now, whenever I’m missing my mom’s homemade meals, I can make them in Mobile using her exact recipe! (This doesn’t mean my version will taste as good as hers, but maybe one day!)

My final tip for not missing home is to keep in touch with your loved ones. Sometimes home isn’t just a place, but also special people in your life that make you feel at home. Pick up the phone and randomly give your best friend a call. Write a sweet letter to your parents and stick it in the mail. Get back in touch with an old friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Send your grandparents a postcard with a picture of your new city on it. Keep in touch however you can and whatever way is best for you and your loved ones!

Remember, missing home is perfectly normal and a part of most transitional phases in our lives. Hopefully these tips will make this new period of your life easier and even more exciting. Leave your tips for not missing home in the comments!


Talk to you soon! Brandi

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