How to: Live in the South

Its been three months now since I packed my life into five suitcases and moved 700 miles away from home. In case you haven’t heard, the South is a little different than the Midwest, and I love it more every single day. Here are my “how to” tips for living in the south:

1. Prepare for southern hospitality: Everyone I’ve met in Alabama is SO NICE. At first, I was confused why people seemed to care about how my day was going. Even the TSA workers at the airport smile. People are not this friendly in Chicago and it might take some getting used to if you’re new here.


2. Be polite: Please and thank you. In my opinion, manners should never be optional but they’re definitely not optional here.


3. Slow down: Walk a little slower, talk a little slower, and relax. Life is not fast paced here and it’s a beautiful thing.


4. Incorporate y’all into your vocabulary: Quite frankly, y’all is an incredibly convenient word. Instead of saying “you all”, “everybody”, “you guys”, ect. you can just use y’all and still get your point across in a more efficient matter.yall

5. Try all of the foods: Life is too short not to eat the BBQ, and the melted cheese goods, and the

6. Ditch your winter apparel and dress the part: It never gets cold here. At least not yet. October days in Birmingham still reach up to 85 degrees so you won’t need your parka. But you WILL need an oversized t-shirt (preferably comfort colors) and norts, add chacos if you feel adventurous. For the guys: your uniform includes some form of a college football themed button down and khakis.

Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2: football-shirt

7. Pick a football team: It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Alabama or an Auburn fan…but you better be one of the two. Don’t worry, if you need some new apparel to support your team I can guarantee they sell it at a store down the street.


Rock on (and roll tide),


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