How to: Compile the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

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The LCs are back in action for the spring semester and you know what that means – lots of traveling! As a residential consultant, I spend most of my time in Birmingham working with our Zeta Sigma Chapter. But, this semester I will also spend some time on the road driving from Birmingham to my focused chapter at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Two of my greatest loves in life are driving and music, so these four-hour road trips are definitely my jam. Here are my tips for compiling the perfect road trip playlist for your spring semester travels.

1. Start out strong: Stack a few of your favorite songs at the front end of the playlist to get the party started.
2. Don’t get stuck in a genre hole: If you’re going to be on the road for a while, there’s only so much Drake you can listen to. Switch it up and don’t be afraid to mix multiple artists/albums.
3. Throw it back: The best road trip songs are those oldies but goodies. I recommend the Eagles but that’s my personal preference.
4. Don’t forget the slow jams: Road trips are a great time to ponder life. So ponder life to The Lumineers or another slow and steady beat.
5. Save the best for last: Usually around hour four of a drive is when my brain starts to scream “ARE WE THERE YET”. Keep some uplifting songs on rotation for that last 100 miles, which always seem to go the slowest.

If you’re looking for a little playlist inspiration, I always recommend starting with some pre-made Spotify playlists and pulling from there. Here is one of my favorites! Happy road tripping.

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