How To Be A Better Friend

Be a better friend. It sounds easy but friendships require work! Especially after college when your best friends live thousands of miles away. But don’t feel discouraged! Take this opportunity to be creative with the relationships you have in your life. Lasting relationships need tender, love, and care. Below are my go to steps on how to be a better friend including a few shoutouts to my own best friends. 

Be a communicator: Create a friend call list on the notes app on your smartphone. Or set up a face-time date with a long distance friend. Texting is our modern day communication, but let’s be honest it isn’t the best. Some actual face time and voice communication goes a long way. You can actually hear your friend’s laugh and emotion. Shoutout to my bestie Slayton who always makes me laugh on our weekly calls! 

Be thoughtful: Is there a holiday coming up? Or a birthday to celebrate? Step up your friend game by sending them a valentine or holiday card! Don’t forget to wish them a happy birthday and send a birthday gift. With Amazon prime and online shopping, gift giving is so easy! Shoutout to Danielle on sending me a lumee case for my 24th b-day!

Be supportive: Did you see your friend post a new job title on Linked In? Or maybe you saw a friend post a goodbye photo on instagram of a passing relative. Reach out to them and let them know you are there for them. Liking a Facebook post doesn’t show support. Actually telling them does.

Be a good listener: We all have highs and lows in this lifetime. When your friends need to vent, be that listener they need. You may barely get a word in, but the time you took to hear them out and let them speak their mind goes a long way. Shoutout to my roommate Jessica who serves as all of her friend’s personal therapist!

Be accepting: Don’t judge. Period. If you claim them as a friend, you are agreeing to accept them. Accept them no matter where they are on in their journey. Just because they are in a bad point in life, doesn’t mean they won’t take the opportunity to grow and do better. Help them see their potential! Shoutout to my besties Megan and Paige who lived with my weirdness for 3 years in college! 

Be spontaneous: Some of my favorite memories with friends come from a spontaneous text. Like, do you want to go to a concert with me next week? Do you want to go hiking this weekend? These last minute road trips and friend time make the best moments and let us show our adventurous side! Shoutout to my gal pal Taylor on being down for spontaneous lake trips!

Be simple: Even if you are too busy to complete the first 6 tips, keep it simple. You can literally send a text saying “thinking of you today” and your friends will feel loved. My girl Allie is the best at these simple but beautiful messages! 

Be a forever friend: The most important of them all. If you are putting effort into these relationships, do it long term. Find your forever friends and I promise they will bring your life joy. Thank you to all of my forever friends out there for doing life with me 🙂 


Dove Love,


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