“Hey, can I talk to you?”

This might be my favorite 6 words. Music to my ears. One thing you should know about me is I think I was put on this Earth to listen. I learn so much more and lead so much stronger when I tell myself to shut up (for those of you who know me know that’s a challenging undertaking). I have an opinion about everything and most of the time my mouth moves before I process a thought. I just want to fix, fix, fix. Mentoring, coaching, motivating- it runs in my blood. When I am on a chapter visit and someone comes up to me and asks me to listen to them, I do 2 things: disengage from any external distraction (close my laptop or put my phone in my bag) AND remind myself to stay quiet.

The point is this: I want to listen to you.

The point is I don’t want to just talk about your report deadlines and policy.

Let’s make a memory together!

I want to hear about what you’re doing, what makes you happy, what is coming in between you and loving life in this season.

When students I am visiting let me in on their lives, their friendships, their bad study habits, their successes and failures, their messes…a fire inside of me lights and I find purpose in that space with them! It’s amazing how one conversation can mean so much to both parties. I want to be your mentor outside of Sigma Kappa, if you’ll let me. If I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you or not, I’m here for you! You have my FULL attention to anything related to Sigma Kappa or completely unrelated.

To tie this all together, I want to urge you to put your phone down, stay up an extra hour, reschedule a date, do whatever you need to do to be that person for someone. “Hey, can I talk to you?” might change your friendship and help you find purpose. You might talk yourself though your own problems in the process.


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