Are you a Dreamer?

cloudsEvery day I’m reminded of how much this year has been full of growth and self-discovery for me. I’ve decided to stop going through life on auto pilot and disengaged in an effort to protect myself. I have worked hard to make peace with things, situations and people in my life that may have caused me any pain. I’ve vowed to break down many of those walls built to keep others out that imprisoned me at the cost of security. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. We can’t always keep people at an arm’s distance because that may lead us to being alone in the moments we need them most. Instead, we can choose to be authentic in our emotions, confident in our thoughts and connect with those around us because there is such beauty in being raw & vulnerable.

With that being said, I have been more inspired than ever to write posts that are true to my feelings, that stem from my heart and soul. I know this may sound somewhat cliche but I’ve tried to find out what in life fuels my fire, the things that really get my wheels turning, or that I get excited just thinking about. So what you can expect from me, is posts related to wellness, inspiration, development and that are just REAL. As I focus on self-love. Self-awareness. Self-respect. And self-care. In hopes that through my discovery, thoughts and journey in life you can too be inspired!

shes-a-dreamerI guess you could call me a dreamer. I know we all dream at some point in our lives. I’m not just talking about the dreams that occur when we lay our heads down but those dreams that also occur with our eyes wide open. I just haven’t be able to bring my head down from the clouds…actually I’ve definitely been in outer space lately! I know, I know, I must elaborate. Thoughts and ideas are continuously flowing through my mind like water naturally flows down a stream. Some times these thoughts are slow and peaceful while at other times they rage out of control, sweeping away everything in sight. That’s when my thoughts are really imaginative, far out and when space has been reached. Some may think they are unrealistic or a waste of time, but to me those thoughts and dreams are showing me everything that is possible.

I love being able to dream. It can be an escape from the real world, from the things going on that may not so desirable. You can create anything you want, you can imagine it and almost be right there. Feeling the emotions, seeing the sights and living in the moments even if they don’t really exist. Well, they don’t exist yet that is.  You have the power and control to create whatever you might want or need, in that very moment. If you can dream it, you can create it and bring it from your mind to your reality. Dreaming of what’s to come or what can be has driven me so much in life. Before getting a new job, I’ve envisioned myself in that role. What it would be like living that life, performing the tasks and what I could do great in the position. It has helped me see what I loved about something before even starting.

If I pretended dreaming can’t get you in trouble, I would be lying. I have sometimes let my thoughts of what could be cloud my judgement of what was really there. I always imagine the positive things that could be that it hinders me from seeing the negative. Although, I want to see the best in people and situations you have to keep your feet on the ground and not forget reality.

So where will your dreams take you?

Time to jet,


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