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I can’t lie to you. I’m writing this blog post for two reasons. The first being that I’m supposed to, and the second, is that quite frankly I’m in the mood to brag. Not too long ago, I headed to Savannah, Georgia for a weekend alongside fellow LC Katie Wylly. During my drive from Myrtle Beach, all I could think about is that I was excited for a few days off with a good pal in a cool place. It wasn’t until I arrived at the hotel to find Katie excitedly shouting “Happy Vacation” did it occur to me that “a few days off” were nowhere near the right words to describe the fun we were in for. Here are the highlights of our vacation to Savannah!


  1. We tried the complimentary hotel breakfast– it was bad, and Katie spilled coffee very publicly.
  2. We headed into downtown Savannah to check out a cafe we found on Instagram called Mirabelle. They had some great waffles, coffee and decor.
  3. Boutique hopping took up a lot of our day. It turns out that being a little materialistic on vacation is invigorating from time to time!
  4. Every time we saw an oak with Spanish moss, we pointed at it and talked about how pretty it was. This happened frequently.
  5. At a restaurant called Hitch, we consumed arguably the best late lunch of our young lives. All hail the shrimp and grits tacos.
  6. Hotel nap!! The best poor decision!!
  7. Back downtown to grab hush puppies and honey butter at Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar. 13/10 recommend. I am truthfully still debating writing their chef a thank you note.
  8. If you didn’t know, Savannah is incredibly haunted because it’s so old. So we did the logical thing and booked ourselves on the 10:45 PM haunted hearse tour of the town. Our tour guide/hearse driver/overly talkative UberXL driver to the untrained eye was full of historical and creepy facts. Did you know that there are more people buried under Savannah than there are living on it? Well now you do!
  9. Sleep is important!!


  1. Sunscreen application– health and safety come first!
  3. Drove to Tybee Island for a beach day
  4. Bought Katie a beach towel because she forgot hers in Birmingham 🙁
  5. Listened to country music on the beach aaaaalllllllll day.
  6. I took a lot of pictures of Katie. She pretended to be embarrassed.
  7. Late lunches became our staple. We split some coconut toasted shrimp with an ocean view. I wouldn’t call us unhappy at this time.
  8. Katie had a brief panic attack fighting traffic away from the island. She’s fine now, thanks for asking.
  9. Back to the hotel to change for dinner. No afternoon nap. We learned from our mistakes.
  10. Drove downtown once more, and jammed out to some live music outside. The musician played Purple Rain and I had a moment.
  11. I got to reunite with past Lambda Beta chapter president Christiana! She lives there now, and she’s lucky.
  12. We got rolled ice cream before dinner because we don’t play by the rules!
  13. Dinner at the Cotton Exchange was nothing short of a blessing. We ate like queens with calamari, and respective kinds of seafood pasta that were so delectable that you could cry (I may or may not have said this to the patrons at the table beside ours).
  14. We decided to drive around to some haunted spots in town to see if we could talk to spirits. Katie’s family has roots meticulously traced back to Savannah, so we figured she might be able to have a little family reunion of sorts. Savannah is also home to the third oldest synagogue in North America, so I felt a little historical connection too. I tried to meet some ghostly ghouls myself, but I don’t think they were in the mood to chat. Next time.

There you have it, y’all; the gist of our Savannah vacation. Something tells me we’ll be back soon. If you take a trip to Savannah anytime soon, feel free to comment with some of the adventures you took! We have to craft a creative way to tackle visit number two.


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