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Jordan Barnett
Jordan Barnett

Recently, I spent a few days of personal time with some of my best friends from back home. Although we all have “grown-up” jobs now, we still try and find time for each other.

Three of them work as teachers in low-income schools and shared unique stories of how they are making  an impact on the world. I am truly proud of what they do, and it gives me hope that we young people CAN actually make change.Ross and TJ

Change is a word used frequently, however, often not fully grasped. Change can be moving to a new place, starting a new job, education, or even changing your personal characteristics. We have the desire to make positive change and impact others’ lives. Change can be constant and happens without us realizing. Over this past year, I’ve been affected by so much change and did not realize it until I was forced to reflect. At a recent interview I was asked, “How have you been changed in the past year working as a leadership consultant?”

Bam! That hit me hard. I’m constantly thinking about the change I’m making in collegians lives but never about the change in myself.

After reflecting for a minute, I began to explain how I have become more independent, how my advising style changed, etc. This was quickly followed up by the interviewer with, “That was a lot of WHAT and not a lot of HOW.” Well that threw me off even more. Again, I had to stop and think to myself, HOW have I been changed?

JessicaOverall through my daily activities as a leadership consultant, I have become a more compassionate person. In college, I was overly involved, always focused on achieving different awards, positions, internships, and affecting the community around me. This year, while still very busy, my focus has shifted and I have learned to be compassionate. I’m truly grateful and enjoy every day. I’m thankful for the small wins, even on bad days. I’m more kind to others and am aware of the people around me, the compassion in my heart for these women flows out in everything I do. I hurt when they hurt and rejoice when they are happy; I actually love waking up in the morning for the day ahead.

This week, take some quiet time to reflect on how you have changed in the past year, not WHAT but HOW.



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