Flying Faux Pas

Kristin Ramey
Kristin Ramey

After a month and a half of traveling, I have officially been on 18 planes. In my mind, this qualifies me as a professional flyer. Being the frequent flyer that I am, I have gained lots of flyer knowledge as well as some pretty funny stories. I figured I should share this knowledge with you; my top five flying faux pas.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a faux pas is “a socially awkward act that violates accepted social norms or rules of etiquette. A faux pas is a false step or misstep; a social blunder.”

As a flyer, you must prepare yourself for the many faux pas that you will come across; you must be ready for anything! My top five faux pas are as follows:

1. Security

Personal Experience: In the Atlanta airport, I happened to be behind a woman that had 6 carry-ons. I kid you not.

– Recommendation: When attempting to go through security, you should be knowledgeable and prepared. Don’t be afraid to ask questions prior to arrival!

2.       Fountain Drinks

Personal Experience: I think the airport is trying to starve my addiction to Diet Coke. Each time I travel, I am either faced with Pepsi products or bottled soft drinks. Somehow, I strive to find one before each flight – and apparently others do as well. During take off, I looked at the seat next to me (which is vacant with the exception of a sleeping gentleman’s infamous fountain drink) and the drink is toppled over and is spilling all over the seat… and my pants. Oops.

Recommendation: If you are also a fan of fountain drinks, make sure to find what you want, but be careful with your placement once you’ve boarded the plane.

3.       Airplane Slumber

Personal Experience: On a flight to North Carolina, I was seated next to someone who wanted to take a nap. Throughout this nap, they began to snore- loudly.

Recommendation: If you are a snorer, consider staying awake on your next flight. I’m now terrified to ever fall asleep on an airplane, just in case.

4.       Keep your food close

Personal Experience: Waiting at a layover, my stomach decided it was time for lunch. After selecting my meal and heading back to my assigned gate (which was empty), I decided to sit my lunch in one seat and take a phone call. Much to my surprise, a little boy decided that the only open seat he wanted to sit in was the one with my food in it. *Squish* Food was no longer edible.

Recommendation: Guard your food! Make sure to not set it down because you never know when you will have a small friend joining you for lunch.

5.       Personal belongings

Personal Story: When asked to watch someone’s luggage “really quick,” I signed under a verbal contract to babysit it for 45 minutes.

Recommendation: If you are going to ask someone to watch your luggage while you run to the restroom, make sure to come back quickly!

I have learned so much throughout the last 18 planes rides, and I expect to continue to have funny stories as my travels continue. If anything, I am learning what the flying faux pas are and how to combat them from becoming trademarks of my own!

If you have stories from your own travel experience, please share them in the comment box below!

Happy traveling!


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