Eat This: McDonald’s

fast food review

fast food review

Hello friends! I’m Lauren and I have a horribly unhealthy obsession with fast food—I’d honestly rather be eating it over anything else. In honor of this obsession, I will be dedicating my blog posts to reviewing a different fast food restaurant each month as I travel around the country. Enjoy!

This month’s fast food review: McDonald’s.

General Summary

Despite its reputation, McDonald’s is one of my absolute favorite places to eat. There’s something so satisfying about ignoring the questionable meat quality and day-old coffee to enjoy one of America’s favorite guilty pleasures. However, I acknowledge that McDonald’s is generally considered to be the lowest of all fast food restaurants and does not deserve the accolades I normally choose to give it. Trying to lay my personal prejudice aside, here is my overall evaluation of McDonald’s.

fast food review

French Fries

Crispiness: 5/10

Salt Level: 7/10

Freshness: 4/10

Overall Assessment: Simple. Classic. About what you’d expect. McDonald’s fries are the perfect complement to round out any meal you could order at the establishment. Even if you don’t like their fries, you’ll probably still end up ordering some.



Condiment Level: 7/10

Bun Quality: 5/10

Topping Quality: 2/10

Originality: 5/10

Overall Assessment: While you could probably get a better cheeseburger at any given restaurant, there’s something endearing about a McDonald’s cheeseburger. I can’t imagine that anyone actually enjoys the minced onions or the way the cheese melts all over the paper wrapping, but I somehow still find myself ordering it time and time again.


Sweet Tea

Sweetness: 9/10

Ice Level: 6/10

Happiness Level: 10/10

Overall Assessment: Please believe me when I say that nothing in this world makes me as happy as a McDonald’s sweet tea. I have had a sweet tea from McDonald’s almost every day for the past 8 years, and this pattern will probably continue on in the ages to come. There’s just something about the sweet syrupy goodness that makes my heart strings sing.



Décor: 3/10

Friendliness: 6/10

Wait Time: 9/10

Overall Assessment: At the end of the day, it’s a McDonald’s. You get what you pay for, so you can’t expect too much in the way of ambiance here. Your food is practically waiting for you as soon as you’re done ordering and the facilities are normally clean, so there’s really not much to complain about.


Overall score: 6/10 (but it will forever remain a 10/10 in my heart).

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