Dove Promises

“Be extraordinary in the ordinary things of life.”

 – Dove Promises


            Everyday people make and break promises.  I made a promise to myself before beginning my travels as a 2010 leadership consultant.  In fact, I can pinpoint the exact moment I made that promise to myself.  I was sitting on a platform 40 feet above the ground with my eyes closed, in a harness that was connected to two metal cables.  All I had to do was will myself to lean forward and trust that I would soon “swing” safely to the ground.  I almost didn’t do it that day at the high ropes course during advanced LC training… but then I made a promise.  I promised to trust myself and others while representing Sigma Kappa this year on the road, and I promised to always have faith.

            I arrived at the Beta Tau chapter of Sigma Kappa in Gainesville, Florida after a long day of flying and was immediately thankful for the hair gel and anti-frizz products weighing down my 49.0 lb suitcase.  Although the humidity was an unwelcome guest, there was an assortment of office supplies and Dove chocolates beautifully arranged by my bed.  I was immediately in love with Beta Tau, as chocolate is my weakness.

            Of course, the chocolate isn’t the only reason I am in love with Beta Tau.  During my stay I felt right at home since I was surrounded by the familiar colors of orange and blue!  I even tried a bison burger for the first time and saw a real, live “gator” bathing in a nearby pond!  Most importantly, I had the honor of meeting and working with the initiated women and alumnae of Beta Tau chapter. 


              Many sisters talked with me about the service organizations they are members of on campus and at home.  At the roller skating sisterhood during pre-recruitment week, one sister mentioned that when she wasn’t doing service at the beginning of her college experience, she felt as though a part of her was missing.  Even the alumnae who visited the chapter during their mock recruitment luncheon showed their dedication by volunteering to assist at the chapter house during recruitment.  Many took time off from work just to be of assistance!


            One of the most admirable qualities of the women of Beta Tau is that they are truly extraordinary at the ordinary.   These women genuinely care about each other’s success.  They openly share concern for their sisters and strive to bring out the best in one another.  One day, we went rock climbing as a sisterhood event.  Although I was not dressed properly to participate, I really enjoyed watching the sisters having fun!  At one point, there were races between sisters to see who could climb up the wall fastest.  The sisters would cheer one another on as they raced to the top.  Ironically, once the sisters were at the top they would high five one another on a job well done – no matter who won or lost.  Once, the chapter president and vice president of membership raced each other and hugged when they finished.

                Everyday people make and break promises.  As members of sororities and fraternities, we promise to be the best versions of ourselves upon our initiations.  As Sigma Kappa women we promise to uphold the values of personal growth, friendship, loyalty, and service.  Thank you, ladies of Beta Tau, for teaching me how to uphold our values by being extraordinary at the ordinary.  Just as you live the promises of Sigma Kappa, you make it easy for me to keep my promise because I truly have faith in your success.  Good luck this week in recruitment!  You are fabulous.



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  1. Loved reading your blog about my Beta Tau chapter sisters! Thank you for braving the heat and humidity in Gainesville to help the chapter prepare for recruitment. I know they will be successful!

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