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If you gave me the option of eating breakfast at any time of the day, I would be ecstatic! Over the years, my breakfast food palette has changed a bit: I used to eat chocolate chip pancakes, doughnuts, cereal, French toast or frozen waffles. You could say I had a bit of a sweet tooth in the morning (or let’s face it – all day, every day).

After learning more about what certain kinds of foods do to your body, I slowly started to make a transition from “living to eat” to “eating to live.” What I mean by this is that I try to fuel my body with what it needs to be healthy and to live an active lifestyle. Instead of eating anything I want without thinking, I try to be conscious about what I put into my body. But don’t’ get me wrong, I still indulge all the time on desserts and less healthy options because I believe everything should be taken in moderation!

Here are a few of my favorite go-to breakfasts to make at home and what I have found they do for my body. These breakfasts gives you a good helping of protein, carbs and fats and would be perfect pre or post workout. Simple carbs and sugars are great to give you energy before a workout, but be careful not to eat too much or workout too soon after eating to avoid a stomach ache. Keep in mind, everyone’s body reacts differently to food, so what works for me might not necessarily work for you.

{Toast} – Toast has its own category because I like to eat mine several ways. No matter what kind I am craving, I always start with a fresh loaf of whole grain or multigrain bread. I prefer the texture and taste of this to white bread and I enjoy reaping the health benefits of whole grains as well!

  • PB&B: I alternate between smooth and crunchy peanut/almond butter on my toast topped with sliced bananas. Other variations include drizzling the toast with honey or sprinkling on some cocoa powder.
  • Avocado: I enjoy my avocado toast as many ways as I can! Sometimes I put a fried, hard boiled, or poached egg on top with a dash of salt and pepper. Other times I will dress it up with a slice of tomato (with or without the egg) and drizzle EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on top. Another version that some of you may think is strange, is actually sooo good: smashed avocado, sliced strawberries (sometimes blueberries) and a drizzled of honey! Avocado by itself is such a mild flavor it works with both savory and sweet dishes.

{Smoothie} – Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get fruits, veggies and protein early in the morning to start your day off right. You can buy fresh fruit and store it in the freezer, or buy the pre-packaged frozen bags of fruit. If you have spinach or kale on hand, you can use it while fresh or throw it in a freezer bag to pull out when making your smoothie. If you don’t normally put greens in your smoothie, be adventurous because once blended you can’t taste or feel the greens!

  • “Funky Monkey”: One of my favorite smoothies! I use a frozen banana, water or almond milk, peanut butter or PB2, blueberries, spinach and chocolate protein powder. The frozen banana creates a thick, creamy texture which is great when I don’t use milk, and the protein is just what I need after an intense workout, or to fuel me through the morning.

{Oatmeal} – I used to eat oatmeal or cream of wheat as a kid, but kind of forgot about this breakfast option as I got older. Now, I think oatmeal is very underrated because you can mix it up in so many different ways! It also is a great source of fiber so it keeps you from feeling hungry an hour after you eat.

  • Power Protein: It’s no surprise that I also love mixing bananas, peanut butter and protein into my oatmeal as well! Another great way to get a mix of carbs, protein and fats.
  • Fruit and nut: If cooking oats on the stove, a great way to add flavor is to throw in some frozen berries and top with chopped walnuts.

I hope you enjoy these nutritious and delicious breakfast ideas! Let me know what your favorites are 🙂

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