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Alyssa Ramsey - Delta Chi Chapter, University of Central Oklahoma
Alyssa Ramsey – Delta Chi Chapter, University of Central Oklahoma

Wow. This year has been such a whirlwind. It just hit me today that this is my last blog post as a first year consultant. This year has come and gone so quickly, and I am at a lost for words about how I feel about that. I have grown so much as a women, a friend, and a professional, and I will forever be eternally grateful for my first year as a consultant. You don’t really realize how blessed you are until a chapter of your life is ending and you sit back and reflect on how far you have come.

As I sit and reflect on the most life-changing year of my life thus far, I want to share it with you. In true Alyssa fashion, I have gathered pictures from some of my favorite memories as a consultant to share with you. I wish I could include every picture I’ve taken this past year, because it has all been amazing, but I will try my hardest to narrow it down. I have organized most of them in order of how they happened to give you a little timeline of my past year.

One of the best things about this job by far has been my wonderful team. Each one of them will always have a special place in my heart.
Real Adult
Meet newly “adulting” Alyssa clearly excited about having an official nametag.

After letting it sink in that I was a leadership consultant, we got to spend 4 weeks together this summer in Indiana training at headquarters. With 17 consultants there was never a dull moment, but these next two videos have to be two of my favorite from the summer. These are a must watch!

Lindy is from Chicago and kept complaining about the heat she was going to have to encounter in Memphis while she lived there. So we made a pit stop one day, and I surprised her with a fan that sprays water. Clearly she loved it!

Although Lindy loved her fan, Binx has curly hair and the water we kept getting soaked with was not ideal. So here is a clip of just how Binx felt about the fan after 20 minutes of getting sprayed.


After a summer full of training and fun it was time to take to the road and move half way across the country. (I had never lived more that 30 minutes away from my parents)

One of the most rewarding parts of this job has definitely been the day Britney and I got our colony class. After weeks of PR and numberous coffee dates and consultants helping out, we finally had members at College of Charleston!

Memphis Colony
Soon after Britney and I got our colony, I got the privilege to go to Memphis and share in the joy as Lindy got her colony as well!

Throughout my journey this year I got to meet many influential Sigma Kappa women including Cheri De Jong, Sara Chacon, and Donna King; all of which are such an inspiration to me and Sigma Kappa women everywhere.

New Foods
With all the travels I got to experience came lots of new foods to try. Here I am trying crawfish for the first time with some of the members at Louisiana Tech. They even convinced me to suck the guts out of the head of one of them. I wish I had that video to share!

Somehow I always ran into new foods I had to work for. Here I am shucking my first oyster. It was quite an experience!

Family & FriendsFamily

Living in Charleston comes with many perks, but I think my favorite was when I had family and friends visit and I got to share with them why I love Charleston so much. My best friend Kat came for a few days and my family came down for spring break. It was so much fun getting to share my second home with them.

Spending my first Easter, or any holiday for that matter, away from home wasn’t so bad when I got to share it with two of my fellow teammates in Charleston

Best Friend

I have had a lot of cool experiences and good things have happened to me this past year, but by far the best has been gaining a new sister and best friend. Britney has been my support system since day one. I could not have made it living so far away from home without her by my side. I am so sad to see this year end, but I am most sad that Britney and I have to move home and won’t be together 24-7 anymore. I have become a better woman thanks to her, and my life will never be the same not living under the same roof as her.

This year has been the best year I could have ever imagined. Thanks to my family, friends, and especially Brooke and Elizabeth my wonderful supervisors for helping me grow into the woman I am today and constantly pushing me to be my best. I cannot wait to continue my journey with Sigma Kappa as a senior leadership consultant.

Over & Out until next semester!

-XOXO- Alyssa

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