Discovering Your Inspiration

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I am so happy to be signing back on here, as a senior leadership consultant! I have officially settled into my new home in Tampa, Florida and although it was a rough start, I’m adjusting well. There have been so many changes in my life lately and I know change will only continue as the year goes on. I was talking to someone really close to me the other day about being inspired and learning those things that give you inspiration. Inspiration can definitely be hard to find sometimes, it takes mental stimulation, something or someone who can bring out your creative side. It can be found in the most unexpected places.

Taking a minute to read a book, articles or quotes and just self-reflect can help open your mind to creativity, dreams and what you truly love. 


If you go out and get lost in nature, the smells, sounds and beautiful sights may fuel your passion.  


You never know who you may come across, what they may say and how they will influence you.  Engage wholeheartedly and they just may lead you right to  your inspiration. 

i-want-to-inspire-people-600x315 people


It’s so easy to be busy looking for your inspiration in other people that you forget that a good place to find it is in YOU!


Time to Jet,


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