Daily Affirmations

Elizabeth Scott

If you have never seen the video Jessica’s Daily Affirmation, please watch it right now. I had never seen this video and when I arrived at the Upsilon chapter, Oregon State University, the girls were quoting this video and doing the hand motions and they insisted that I watch it. Now that I have seen this video, I watch it about every other day. It is really inspirational and shows me that you can do anything you put your mind to with a positive outlook and confidence!

During my short visit at Upsilon, I learned so much about these girls! After every meal if we sat at the table long enough, we would all have a good laugh/cry, meaning that we were all laughing so hard that we were crying. These girls were so funny and welcoming and I truly enjoyed being in their home and sleeping on a sleeping porch for the first time! Also, I had the privilege of sharing a room with the wonderful Mary Phillips, collegiate recruitment specialist for Sigma Kappa. It was so nice to have her warm smile and big hug when I walked through the door.

Me, Sister G and Mary

I also had the opportunity to work with the one and only Sister G, Angela Guillory, past national president of Sigma Kappa! The advisory board, corporation board, and chapter members were able to work with Angela to plan for the next year and making Upsilon the best chapter it can be. She truly inspired the chapter, especially with the motto “One Heart. One Way. One Team.” The chapter was blessed to have her and she kept us on our toes the entire weekend. Upsilon’s energy is contagious and I’m excited to return for formal recruitment!



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