California Adventure, Part 1

Heather Milton

I have a confession to make.

I am. Obsessed with. Sigma Kappa.  I live, breathe and eat it – no literally, I have consumed approximately six ΣK Bid Day cakes in my lifetime.  Sometimes I even have nightmares about it, especially during Recruitment Season.  (Shout out to my VPM homegirls, y’all know what I mean.)

I occupy the Violet Bubble on a daily basis and have been here for the last five years.  That being said, I have a second confession:

There comes a day when I just need a break.

A day off to do something non-Sorority.  You can probably relate.  If not, I’d like to know what recipe of the Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking.

I am writing this as I wait in line for rides at Disney’s California Adventure.  My weekend off got me thinking about all I’ve learned about myself since opening that bid card, since flying cross country to my first Convention experience, since whole♥edly signing away a year and a half of my life to be an LC.

...there was this pretty awesome sorority...

As members, leaders, alumnae and volunteers, we know what it means to be devoted sisters of Sigma Kappa…but what about our devotion to OURSELVES?  Here are a few tidbits about personal wellness that, once I reluctantly grasped, ended up helping me be an even better sister, leader and friend:

It’s perfectly normal to take a day (or three) to recharge yourself.  Joining Sigma Kappa means loving this organization unconditionally as a lifetime member.  It does NOT mean being “on” unconditionally for the rest of your life.  Tell everyone that you are not president, sisterhood chair or leadership consultant right now.  Turn off your phone.  Log out of your email.  Do something for YOU.

Good sisterfriends will understand and respect this.  Which brings me to my second lesson…

Identify those friends who won’t fault you for taking time away. Your chapter members, advisors and Panhellenic officers will surely hold you accountable to your responsibilities, but who will make sure you are a “Sane Sigma” after it’s all said and done?  My best friend Molly knows that when she calls to catch up and I say I don’t want to talk about Sigma Kappa, I mean it.  Should she so much as think the words quota, Code of Conduct or GIN announcement, and if anything she says remotely rhymes with “it only takes a spark,” I will hang up on her!

Enjoy the journey.  Whatever your Sigma Kappa role, you won’t always make the right decision, no matter how much time and effort you put in.  And guess what?  The world won’t end.  (This is something I will always struggle with!)  But it’s the memories you make, the people you meet and the things you discover about yourself that are most important.

At this time, I’m going to heed my own advice, put away my iPhone and sing along to Aladdin’s Musical Spectacular.  Mary Low will beckon in the morning.  She always does, and tomorrow I will be re-energized and ready to re-enter the Violet Bubble.

Lavender and maroon fake storefront in Disney

Dove Lovin’,


P.S. I just got off the Tower of Terror and I’m pretty sure I left my stomach at the top.

Me on the ride ahhhhh

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  1. Love your blog – and it is soooo true. Especially this line: “Joining Sigma Kappa means loving this organization unconditionally as a lifetime member. It does NOT mean being “on” unconditionally for the rest of your life.”
    Hope youa re enjoying yoru time in CA!!

  2. I totally agree too! And that storefront is so adorable! It actually reminds me of my chapter’s house! <3 Dove love!

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