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Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University
Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University

After being on the road for two months thus far, I’ve already become a master traveler and packer. And I’ve learned that there are some practical essential items that I think are must-haves when traveling!

  1. Pillow pet. Not only to snuggle up to on any plane or car ride, but also a good item to remind you of home!


  1. Headphones. This is a great item to bring along for: listening to music when you’re bored, tuning out the crying baby three rows behind you, or for watching Netflix for hours after a cancelled flight!


  1. Snack. Always have a snack in your bag. You never know when hunger will come upon you!


  1. Tide to go. For those inconvenient messes that get on your clothes!

tide to go pen

  1. Tackle box. Literally the best jewelry organizer out there!

photo (3)

  1. An extra jacket. It can get really cold on the plane and you really don’t want to be freezing the entire 4 hour plane ride…


  1. Colgate wisps. A great thing to have to quickly freshen up your mouth!


  1. Phone charger that’s easily accessible. In case your phone decides to die quickly in the middle of the travel day!

phone charger

  1. Umbrella. Even if you think you won’t need it, you might. I learned this lesson the hard way and got completely soaked one day.


10. Bright luggage tag. So you can easily spot your luggage!


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