Be a Goal Digger

Before leaving mid-year training with all the leadership consultants, I decided to set a few goals for the spring semester and really hone in on the things I wanted to accomplish! Don’t worry, this won’t be a lengthy post about all the things I want to do this year instead a post about how you can successfully set goals and make it to that finish line.

  1. Sit down, think and reflect-You can find the things that you have been thinking about doing for quite some time, or even the things that are on a bucket list.
  2. Put it in writing– This can be on the computer, in a notebook, or if you’re more visual print pictures and post them on a wall in your room.
  3. Prioritize –decide what on your list is most important. Your goals should motivate you, and be things that you find value in because then you are naturally more driven to reach them.
  4. Set your timeline– How long is this going to take you? A couple weeks? A few months? Be as realistic as you can about this one.
  5. Plan the steps to get there- I think we forget about the actual process sometimes. Plan what action steps are needed and write it out. You will feel better about crossing things off the list as you go.
  6. Don’t be afraid to modify- If the plans you had come to roadblock then make new ones! We can’t prepare for everything and sometimes we do need to change the way we thought we would get there.
  7. Stick with it- We can’t reach most of our goals overnight, so don’t give up!


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