An ode to oldies but goodies

Today I want to reflect a little bit on that saying that goes something like ‘things get better with age’. Don’t get me wrong- I’m all about spontaneity and I love a good life change (new year new me, am I right?), but there’s just something about time that makes the heart grow fonder. I feel like “oldie but goodie” is making a real comeback! Heck, society has even dedicated an entire day of the week to oldies but goodies. #TBT, because everyone needs an excuse to share that adorable baby photo or reminisce on the good ol’ days. It’s a refreshing surprise when you see how time has turned something old and typical into something exciting and good. Like when you let a sauce simmer, a cheese age, or a relationship ripen. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite oldies but goodies:

Fashion trends.

Where to even begin here!!? There is an endless amount of oldie but goodie fashion trends making comebacks. My current faves include bell bottoms, overalls, clogs and velvet.


We all know a kid who has a great throwback playlist. My life’s theme song will forever be “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. And who doesn’t love Pandora radio’s Summer hits of the 2000’s?


Old friends. There truly is nothing like catching up with an old friend. You sit down after a long hug and a little bit of, “Oh my gosh! You look great. When did you cut your hair like that?” and then starts the out pouring of what’s new since the last time you chatted. What’s nice with old friends is that you never have to explain yourself. Yes, there’s a lot of updates to be shared, but you never have to divulge who you are or where you come from. Because they were there. When making a new friend, there’s so much about what has made you who you are that has to be unlocked. Like, you know you have a new true friend when they finally know that one thing. Everyone’s got that one thing. But old friends were there for that one thing, so no explanation is needed. Old friends are for sure in the top five on my list of oldies but goodies.


My grandparents have truly blossomed with age. Their stories just keep getting better (or maybe it’s the story telling skills), the smiles are bigger, laughs are harder. I am so lucky to have such close relationships with six loving (and hilarious) grandparents. Each one of them has proven to me that there is no better thing to cherish than an oldie but goodie. In a recent conversation with my Nana about special occasions she says to me, “Honey, every day we wake up is a special occasion. Good morning, happy day!” That is just one of the wise things Nana has taught me, in addition to unconditional love and how to prepare 20lbs of potato latkes (which I might add, is a true oldie but goodie recipe).


Let’s do a little guided imagery exercise. Close your eyes (maybe read this first and then close your eyes). Think of your safe space. A place where you always want to turn to when the pressures of life are too much. Where are you? Who is around you? When did this become your safe space? What parts of your life have led you to this place before? It is comforting to remember that there was a time when this space was foreign. It’s not like the first time you stepped in, you felt this way about it. Time and experiences aged this space to become the safe haven you now label it as. And what a wonderful feeling it is when a new place no longer feels foreign.


I have done a lot of reflecting on my life’s oldies but goodies. It is comforting to think how my current newbies will soon mature and ripen with time. And on that note, I’ll leave you with this oldie but goodie:

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