What is Life but One Grand Adventure

Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton
Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton

When I found out that I would be a traveling consultant all year round, I was definitely ECSTATIC. Living out of a suitcase, exploring one state to the next, getting to meet hundreds of Sigma Kappa women across the country, all of this excited me! If you ask me, I’m a pretty adventurous woman. I love trying new things, exploring the unknown, and doing things that other people may call daring. I was always the one who jumped off the cliff first on vacation, the one who tried exotic foods that nobody could identify, and the one you only had to ask once to go skydiving with you. I really do love the adrenaline rush of pushing your limits and sense of accomplishment afterward.

I’ve been asked more than once, “Jess, how are you so fearless? I could never do XYZ.” Well, the answer to that is quite simple. I’m not and you definitely could be. Being adventurous isn’t about not being fearful, it is facing those fears and eliminating “I can’t” in your mind. Here are my tips to living a life filled with adventure.

1. Live in a state of curiosity and roam outside your comfort zone. Question everything. Use your mind to think outside the box. It hasn’t been done before? Great! Be the first one to try it. Use your imagination and explore what could be out there!

berries2. Don’t place limits on yourself. The second you let doubt take over you mind, you are already defeated. It is normal to have hesitations. It is even normal to have self-doubt, but you can silence that little voice in your head telling you all the reasons you will not be successful.


3. Face your fears. We tend to stay away from things that scare us. Usually those fears come from past experiences or unrealistic expectations. It takes courage to face those things that frighten you but each time you do, it’s a victory.


4. Just go for it. Sometimes this is the hardest step. Just take a deep breath, make the decision and jump! It will be exhilarating!

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