A Weekend in Enemy Territory

Taryn Mantta
Taryn Mantta

Okay, so Seattle may not technically be enemy territory, but as a Broncos fan, being in Seattle for Super Bowl weekend was interesting.pony

Everywhere in the city, there were blue ’12’ flags to celebrate the fans, Seahawks jerseys everywhere, and even a Seahawk colored mini pony walking around the University of Washington campus.

On Saturday, Feb. 1, I had the opportunity to go to downtown Seattle with two women from the Mu Chapter, where I got to visit a few touristy sites. As someone who likes cooking shows, the Pike Place Market is a familiar view on my television. So when the women asked if I wanted to go down there, I was more than excited.

photo (4)
In front of the Pike Place Market

Additionally, one of the big landmarks in this area happens to be one that may not be that exciting for me, but I know many people who would be pretty jazzed. The first Starbucks opened in Pike Place, and obviously now is pretty much everywhere you can imagine (including two stores within a block of this original one)

photo (5)
I may not like coffee but here’s the first Starbucks

After wandering around the market for a few hours, we wandered down to the piers for lunch at an awesome place called Ivar’s that had amazing fish and chips (which I’m a sucker for) and then to the Seattle Aquarium. Not only did they have a very cool jellyfish circle that you could stand in and just watch them float around, but I made friends with a somewhat creepy octopus who moved into what I would call an attack position when we walked over.

photo (3)
I’m a sucker for photo opportunities like this

After we left, I got settled into my hotel for my day off watching the Super Bowl. The one thing I knew I had to put up right away was my Colorado flag, so that even though I found myself rooting for the Broncos in Seattle, I had a little piece of Colorado with me.

My Colorado flag signed by most of my friends
My Colorado flag signed by most of my friends

The one thing I learned during this great weekend in enemy territory was that even if you are rooting for opposite teams in the Super Bowl, your Sigma Kappa sisters will still be there for you.

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