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Music has always been something that has impacted me. I grew up taking piano, guitar, violin (briefly. I was not good), and voice lessons. I started at a very young age to develop a love of Broadway show tunes, and love music of any form. Music is something that throughout my life I have associated with comfort and familiarity. Music is how I translate my world. Now that I’m in full swing of being a Leadership Consultant, I have noticed even more so how my relationship with music has strengthened. When I arrive in an unfamiliar place, I can listen to a song I know all the words to in an effort to settle my nerves. When I’m feeling lonely, I know which songs will make me feel loved. When I’m driving to campus and the sun is shining, I know just what songs will enhance my cheery disposition. If a long day of meetings begins to feel mundane, I can find something new on Spotify to shake things up (or my music theory brain turns on and I find myself envisioning the music on paper instead).

While I’m not able to take voice lessons on the road like I wish I could, I express myself by continuing to pay attention to the intricacies of music. Personally, I’m a lyrics girl. While the melody is what will initially catch my attention, I am drawn quickly down into the lyrical rabbit hole. I oftentimes find myself lost in the poetry, matching up stanzas to my ever-changing ideas of reality to find a deeper understanding of my daily experiences. On top of that, when I look back at the experiences I’ve had in my life, I can almost always pair them with a song or two. I know what songs I listened to my freshman year of high school, and the summer I lived in my college town. Since I know this to be true, I’ve been turning my thoughts to one question. Which will be the songs of my year as a Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultant?

Well blog readers, I’ve decided to share this thought process with you! Every so often, my blogs will feature a playlist of a few songs that have captivated me recently. Maybe then you might have an idea of what the soundtrack of my LC experience might sound like. Here’s a list of songs that put me in the mood for new beginnings. Special shout out to songs number one and four! Song number one is the song I’ve listened to most often over this past week, and song number four is the song I listened to the most during LC interview weekend! Do any of these songs catch your ear?

Fresh Outlook Playlist

  1. Happiness- The Weepies
  2. Mountain and the Sea- Ingrid Michaelson
  3. Reaper- Sia
  4. Now Is The Start- A Fine Frenzy
  5. From this Valley- The Civil Wars
  6. Soul Meets Body- Death Cab for Cutie
  7. Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough- New Radicals
  8. Anything Could Happen- Ellie Goulding
  9. Brighter Than The Sun- Colbie Caillat
  10. Brand New- Ben Rector
  11. King and Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men


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